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Every year, hundreds of people sustain injuries in car accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Houston’s busy highways and neighborhoods are home to aggressive, distracted drivers worried more about themselves than their impact on others. 

When another driver’s “mistake” results in your harm, or worse, the loss of a loved one, you need an advocate to fight for your future. Call the Houston car accident lawyers at Universal Law Group, and let us fight for what you deserve.

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    Houston Car Accident lawyers

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    Auto Accident Lawyers
    Houston Drivers Can Trust

    Houston Car Accident Attorneys are not all equally qualified to handle your case. Please speak to one of our experienced auto accident attorneys at a free case evaluation today.

    Suppose you fall victim to the negligence of another driver. In that case, you could rely on a car insurance company to help cover the costs of repairs and your mounting medical bills. However, the experienced auto accident attorneys at Universal Law Group know that insurance companies strive to pay out as little as possible when they settle claims.

    When you or a loved one sustains injuries in a car wreck in the State of Texas, your focus should be on healing. First, however, you need an advocate on your side who knows how to fight for the compensation you deserve.

    At Universal Law Group, our car accident attorney advocates for your best interests while you take the time you need to heal. Let us handle the insurance companies for you.

    Remember, we work on a contingency fee basis. You pay us nothing until we win for you.


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    Car Accident Claims We Handle

    Regarding auto injury law, it takes a specialized set of skills and knowledge to handle car accident lawsuits, especially in a city like Houston, Texas. Our legal team is on hand to help you fight for the compensation you need across an array of collisions.
    No matter what type of accident your experience, trust our car wreck lawyers. Houston victims have advocates when they work with our personal injury law firm.

    Did you or a loved one experience an injury or even loss of life in a motor vehicle accident? Our car wreck lawyers are ready to provide you with the help you need to get through this difficult time. As your advocates against liable parties, we bear the weight of your lawsuit and strive to alleviate the burdens causing you grief.

    Often, insurance companies and insurance adjusters begin with a lowball settlement offer. Instead of accepting, contact a Houston auto accident attorney at our firm to know the actual value of your car accident case.
    After a car wreck, call our law firm as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. Let us show you that our firm is the compassionate, aggressive representation you need to recover damages and move on with your life.

    Houston Car Accident Lawyers You Can Rely On

    Per the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were over 14,000 vehicle accidents involving severe injuries in 2016. More than 800 people were killed at intersections, while over 600 died in head-on collisions.

    That year, there were zero deathless days.

    As drivers, we put our trust in other Texans to follow the rules of the road. However, when they break that trust, the consequences can be dire. That’s why it is essential to connect with a Houston car accident lawyer that local drivers trust.

    At Universal Law Group, we are a full-service personal injury law firm. Our legal team has the expertise to help you attain damages for injuries sustained in car accidents.

    • Broken bones
    • Limb loss
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Wrongful death

    When a car wreck leaves you with a severe injury and unable to work, we help you fight. We strive to maximize your damages so that you have everything you need to recover. From pain and suffering and medical bills to lost wages, our Houston auto accident attorneys strive to obtain the compensation you deserve.

    We can even help you obtain disability benefits if you cannot return to work.

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    The Legal Help You Need
    After a Car Wreck

    After a car wreck, it’s essential to contact a car accident lawyer Houston trusts as soon as possible. The only thing more important than speaking to a lawyer is ensuring you receive all necessary medical attention.

    When you are able, hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential. As your legal representation, our car accident attorneys oversee all communication with the authorities, the insurance companies, and other drivers.
    This provides you with the space you need to heal.

    Auto Accident Attorneys
    Who Work With You

    At Universal Law Group, our Houston car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we strive to provide you with access to all the resources you need at no cost upfront.

    Until and unless we win your lawsuit, you owe us nothing. When you need an experienced auto accident attorney in Houston, TX, call on the personal injury team at Universal Law Group.

    auto accident attorneys in Houston, TX

    Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

    With a breadth of experience, our Houston car accident lawyers have seen it all. Our city boasts some of the deadliest roads in Texas, and people commute across the Greater Houston Area daily. Still, there are many causes of motor vehicle collisions.

    While many causes amount to preventable user error, everyone must understand the road’s risks. Here are some of the most common causes of auto accidents in Houston and across the lone star state.

    houston auto accident attorneys

    Excessive Speeding

    Regarding car wrecks in Houston, TX, one of the most common issues is excessive speeding. The city posts speed limits for a reason – to protect motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

    When a negligent driver speeds, it increases their risk of losing control. Moreover, it reduces their response time as sudden objects appear or traffic slows ahead of them. Unfortunately, as Houston car accident lawyers, we see the results of these collisions far too often.

    Distracted Driving

    Unfortunately, distracted driving is all too common in Houston. Car wreck lawyers cite this as a cause of minor and severe collisions. When we think of distractions on the road, we often think about people on their smartphones.

    However, distractions come in various types, sizes, and shapes. For instance, when an exhausted parent has two kids arguing in the backseat, that’s a distraction. Alternatively, perhaps they want to adjust the temperature, change the radio station, or have a conversation with their passenger.

    All of these take the driver’s attention away from the road. As Houston car accident lawyers, we know well that a collision only takes a split second to unfold. No matter the distraction, the better option is to keep your focus on the road.

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    Texting & Driving

    Despite being late to enact them, Texas has laws regarding texting and driving. Since the inception of cell phones, this has been a major issue for Houston drivers. Too often, people feel safe texting and driving.

    However, texting pulls a driver’s attention away for longer than they believe. Oftentimes, drivers shift their focus to their phones for 20 seconds when their eyes should be on the road.

    Drinking & Driving

    When drunk drivers get behind the wheel, they put everyone else on the road in danger. You have rights and options if a negligent driver injures you in a DWI accident.

    Moreover, when a bar or restaurant overserves an intoxicated individual who causes your accident, you can hold them liable.

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    houston motor vehicle collision lawyers

    Drugs / DUI Accidents

    Both street and prescription drugs can potentially cause devastation in a motor vehicle accident. When a driver consumes anything that compromises their physical or mental capacity, it puts everyone in harm’s way.

    Pets & Wildlife

    Animals are a part of our everyday lives in Houston. But, between our pets exploring the neighborhood and the critters hiding in the shadows, they also pose a risk to drivers sometimes. Moreover, nighttime poses a complex risk for wildlife-related incidents. That’s because it’s harder to see a deer that jumps out from the trees.

    Auto accidents occur when any animal bounds in front of a vehicle. From cats and dogs to foxes, squirrels, and armadillos, many animals don’t understand cars. Unfortunately, when a large animal moves in front of a car, it forces drivers to swerve suddenly, forcing the vehicle off the road.

    Talk to our Houston car accident attorneys today to learn more about your legal options.

    Inclement Weather Conditions

    Our city is no stranger to inclement weather. From the rare ice and hail to the common rainstorms and wind, climate lends itself to many auto accidents. Our Houston car accident lawyers understand how quickly life changes when someone hits a patch of ice.

    Practicing common sense and safety is part of the duty of care we all owe each other on the road. When the roads are rough, we need to take extra caution.

    houston tx car accident lawyers

    Poor Vehicle Maintenance

    When a driver does not maintain their vehicle, it often leads to unnecessary incidents. Whether a transmission problem or an issue with the brakes, it compromises a driver’s ability to maintain control over their vehicle.

    This has great potential to cause harm to others on the road. If a negligent driver fails to maintain their vehicle and injures you, you have the right to hold them accountable. Our Houston car accident lawyers are ready to help you.

    Infrastructure and Improper Signs

    As cities grow, planners don’t continually update how our roads function. Unfortunately, this means some areas have a yield sign when it needs a stop sign.

    Often, this results in confusion among drivers, leading to motor vehicle collisions.

    Potholes & Poorly Maintained Roads

    Potholes and cracks in the asphalt litter the city of Houston. Moreover, the solution to these problems tends to be a giant metal slab on top of the pavement. Unfortunately, when a driver hits one of these at just the right speed, they can lose control of their vehicle.

    At times, these spots are predictable. However, what one person expects, another doesn’t. Unfortunately, this has the potential to cause a single-car accident or for a driver to lose control and collide with another motorist.

    Tire Blowouts

    For Houston car accident lawyers, another common cause of collisions is when tires blow out. Low quality in a tire compromises a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle. Whether they run over something or the tire erodes, blowouts happen when you least expect them.

    In these cases, drivers often have to unexpectedly jerk the steering wheel around. Tying into poor maintenance, it is essential to maintain your vehicle.

    Road Work & Construction

    On our roads, streets, highways, and freeways, some path in Houston is always under construction. For instance, if a driver leaves work, rushing to get home, they might encounter construction on I-69. This frustration compromises their safety habits.

    Whether someone speeds as they approach slowed traffic or doesn’t slow down in these areas, it puts others in danger.

    houston car accident attorneys

    Dangerous Intersections

    Often, severe motor vehicle accidents happen at heavily trafficked intersections. Too often, drivers pull ahead and find themselves in front of a driver they didn’t see.

    Alternatively, they might not know who has the right of way.

    Sometimes, drivers ignore lights and signs as they rush to their destination. This level of negligence often leads to t-bone collisions and rear-end collisions. Remember your rights when a negligent driver causes you harm or damages your property.

    Our Houston car accident attorneys are your advocates against negligent drivers. Schedule a free consultation with our team to see how we can maximize your compensation.

    What to Do After a Car Accident in Houston, TX

    After a car wreck, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. However, when you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, you have a guide throughout the process. Still, knowing what to do in the immediate aftermath is essential.

    Why hire a lawyer for a car accident?

    Not every car accident claim requires a lawyer. From a legal standpoint, you have no obligation to hire a personal injury attorney. However, this depends on the severity of your case. 

    In minor auto collisions, filing a claim against an insurance provider yourself is perfectly fine. Typically, these cases involve relatively minor injuries. 

    Still, it’s important to remember that when you have Houston car accident lawyers on your side, you have advocates. As your advocates, we fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve

    Oftentimes, people don’t include all the information necessary in their claims – even minor ones. When you forget an expense or don’t account for future medical expenses, you leave money on the table. Unfortunately, that means you foot the bill for future costs.

    Serious Representation for Serious Auto Accidents

    Oftentimes, serious car wrecks result in severe injuries. That translates to extreme medical costs. As Houston car accident lawyers, people depend on us to hold negligent drivers accountable. When someone’s negligence injures you, you need help to fight the insurance companies. 

    Your auto accident attorney has the expertise and experience to apply necessary laws to your case. Moreover, they understand how to investigate your accident and file a claim that meets your needs. 

    As your advocate, your car accident attorney represents you throughout your case. Additionally, they act on your behalf. That means you have the time and space to focus on healing. All the while, your auto accident attorney communicates with insurance representatives and negotiates your settlement. 

    Too often, people feel uncomfortable hiring an attorney for car wrecks or personal injuries. Typically, they believe car accident lawyers in Houston only complicate things. Alternatively, they think it’s too expensive. 

    Unfortunately, this lack of understanding tends to cause more long-term problems. 

    The Truth About Houston Car Accident Lawyers

    Here’s the truth of the matter: Car accident claims are complex

    Oftentimes, people think about how easy it is to file a claim for a minor accident. If a tree falls on your car and causes some dents and scratches, it’s easy to take pictures and send them through an app. The insurance company contacts you, tells you what to pay and where to go. Soon, you have your car back, good as new. 

    It’s easy to think of this and assume insurance companies have your best interest in mind. In reality, their job is to pay out as little as possible for every accident. 

    The more severe an accident is, the more likely you need representation. 

    When you experience a catastrophic accident caused by a negligent driver, it causes serious harm. From car repairs to medical bills, the costs overwhelm even the most stoic driver. As these costs rise, the insurance companies want to pay out even less. 

    Houston car accident lawyers fight to protect injured Texans after these serious car wrecks. Don’t trust the insurance providers to do right by you. With an auto accident attorney, Houston victims have an advocate to protect their rights. 

    However, it’s protection from more than insurance companies. Your attorney offers you protection from negligent drivers who try to shift the blame. 

    When to Hire a Houston Car Accident Attorney

    As you consider the above, it’s important to remember your rights. Legally, you can file a claim on your own and represent yourself. There are plenty of people in Texas who prefer to handle these matters themselves. However, it’s not always a wise decision. 

    As personal injury lawyers, we see too many situations in which an insurance company tries to pay far less than someone deserves. With the right representation, you claim the compensation you deserve without the added stress. 

    Specific Reasons to Hire a Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

    Here are a few specific situations in which a car accident attorney benefits your case. If you experience any of these situations, schedule a free consultation with our Houston car accident lawyers immediately. 

    • The collision involves multiple parties. 
    • Your accident involves one or more fatalities. 
    • Someone sustains an injury in the collision. 
    • The police report doesn’t represent the truth of the accident. 
    • Parties involved lack auto insurance or health insurance. 
    • The negligent driver flees the scene in a hit and run. 
    • Other parties refuse to provide their contact information. 
    • Your medical bills are too expensive. 
    • The repairs to your vehicle cost too much. 

    How Can a Houston Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

    When they partner with an experienced Houston car accident lawyer, drivers have an advocate. An experienced lawyer helps you fight the insurance companies. Moreover, they help you hold the negligent parties accountable. 

    When people try to file an auto accident claim on their own, it often spells disaster. Our car accident lawyers keep your best interests in mind. 

    Remember, insurance companies want to make a profit. To do so, they work to ensure they pay out as little as possible. While their commercials sound friendly, don’t let them fool you. 

    When you sustain severe injuries from a car accident, remember not to rely on insurance representatives. They do not have your best interests at heart. 

    With a car accident attorney Houston trusts, you have someone to fight for your future. Moreover, you have proper guidance as you deal with the insurance providers and anyone else. 

    Additionally, auto accident attorneys help you reduce your medical expenses. The average visit to an emergency room runs above $20,000. Hospital stays and surgeries mount on top of them. 

    Even physical therapy becomes expensive. When you factor in ongoing treatment, the costs pile up. 

    How Houston Car Accident Lawyers Help

    So, when faced with mounting medical bills and crafty insurance reps, what do you do? Our car accident lawyers are your advocates. What does that mean, though? 

    • Your attorney listens to your concerns and offers advice. 
    • The lawyer determines liability for your pain and suffering. 
    • Your lawyer develops your car accident claim and files it for you. 
    • Their legal team gathers evidence to prove negligence and liability. Next, they connect the accident to your injuries. 
    • When they present the evidence to the insurance provider, they negotiate your settlement. 

    Once you hire our legal team, we fight for your future so that you have time to heal. It’s important to remember that healing takes time and treatment. After an accident, the stress of insurance claims only makes things worse. 

    As your advocates, we handle everything for your claim. Oftentimes, our clients feel a sense of peace because they know they have protection. 

    Too often, people accept low settlements that rob them of the money and care they need. That doesn’t have to be you. At Universal Law Group, our teams have the experience and expertise to maximize your settlement. Let us fight for the future you deserve. 

    Are There Upfront Costs When I Hire a Houston Auto Accident Attorney?

    Oftentimes, people believe lawyers are too expensive. They think they cannot afford the help of Houston car accident lawyers. As such, they don’t ask for help. Simply put, they accept too little from the insurance companies and have to cover their costs themselves. 

    Here’s something important to remember, though. 

    Houston car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. 

    What does that mean? You pay nothing unless and until we win

    If we lose your case, you don’t owe our firm a dime. When we settle your case, you simply pay us a portion of your settlement. That means that nothing comes out of your pockets. 

    There are zero upfront costs for our representation in auto accident cases. Moreover, you never pay us any of your own money. 

    Houston Car Accident Lawyers FAQ

    After a car crash, it’s common to have questions. In this overwhelming situation, you need an advocate in an experienced car accident attorney. Below, we take a look at several common questions from victims. 

    If you suffered from someone else’s negligence and want to know your options, book a free consultation with our Houston car accident lawyers today. 

    When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we help you navigate every aspect of the auto accident claims process. At times, understanding a car accident report from law enforcement is a challenge. 

    With our auto accident attorney, Houston drivers have someone to break it down for them. When you want to purchase a copy of the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3), it’s easy to do online. Purchase your crash report here

    Here’s a breakdown of how to navigate the details of a police report from an auto collision. 

    Page 1: Details

    The first page of the accident report shows the details of the incident. 

    • Date
    • Time 
    • Location – county, city, street
    • Type of area – freeway, intersection, construction zone, etc

    Additionally, this page offers information about the drivers involved in the accident and vehicles. This is essential when you don’t have an opportunity to gather information. Moreover, it includes bystander information, which is helpful for witness statements. 

    Lastly, it includes an injury code box. This area indicates the immediate analysis of injuries sustained in the car wreck. Your Houston car accident lawyer uses this information to begin the investigation into your claim. Further, it helps us develop a foundation for settlement demands and liability.  

    Page 2: Charges and Crash Narrative

    On the second page of the report, law enforcement officers list charges filed against anyone involved. Additionally, they include a crash narrative and a diagram of the accident scene. As part of this narrative, they include the order of events leading to the crash as well as the officer’s opinion on the cause. 

    Moreover, this includes information regarding where injured parties receive medical care. This ranges from the ambulance that takes them and the hospital they go to. If anyone dies at the scene of the accident or within 30 days of the collision, officers list the date and time of death on this page. 

    Page 3: Commercial Vehicles

    On this page, officers list information about any commercial vehicles involved in the accident. For instance, if you are hit by a box truck, they list the details of the company here. This includes the name, address, and contact details of the commercial carrier. 

    Additionally, it includes details about the cargo, the weight of the vehicle, and information bout the driver. 

    Page 4: Codes and Terms

    Finally, this page explains the codes and terms used in the police report. With our Houston car accident lawyers, you have someone to explain these terms and answer any questions. 

    As we analyze the police report from your accident, we begin to assess the liability of the accident. Moreover, we begin to determine all liable parties. From there, we work to maximize your settlement. 

    After a car accident, insurance providers may offer you a settlement. These offers are often lowball and made because the company hopes that you agree to it so they can end negotiations.

    If an insurance company contacts you and tries to offer a settlement, you should politely tell them that you are currently seeking counsel and cannot accept their offer at this time. At that point, call the Houston auto accident attorneys at Universal Law Group, where we can help you overcome every obstacle and maximize your compensation.

    As experienced Houston car accident lawyers, we understand how devastating a car wreck can be. Moreover, we understand how many factors inform the severity of injuries. Oftentimes, it depends on the number of vehicles, weather conditions, speed of the vehicles, and more. 

    For lucky victims, they feel better in a matter of days. However, some injuries take time to show their effect. When you experience a motor vehicle collision, it’s essential to seek medical assistance. 

    Whether you visit an emergency care center or your personal physician, it’s the only way to know the extent of your injuries. This is due to the shock people tend to feel after such a traumatic event. 

    After a car accident, the severity of injuries varies. Treatments range from over-the-counter pain medication to surgery, physical therapy, and a period of rest. Moreover, some injuries alter people’s lives. 

    When this happens, victims often live with chronic pain, disability, and other ongoing challenges. If a negligent driver causes you harm, it is imperative that you hold them accountable. At Universal Law Group, our Houston car accident lawyer helps injured Texans seek the justice and compensation they deserve. 

    Head and Brain Trauma

    One of the most severe forms of injury in an auto accident is a head injury. When you experience a sudden change in direction or an unexpected stop, it causes your head to move and jerk around. 

    In more unfortunate cases, it leads to someone’s head slamming against a window or steering wheel. Unfortunately, the more direct the injury is, the more severe it tends to become. One possible injury is a brain hemorrhage, brain bleed. 

    Another, more common, occurrence is a concussion. In both cases, the Houston car accident lawyers at Universal Law Group are ready to help you protect your rights. 

    Whiplash & Neck Injuries

    Oftentimes, the sudden impact of a collision causes your head and neck to move suddenly. This sudden motion leads to whiplash, a sprain in the neck. It also has the potential to cause other neck trauma. 

    Lacerations, Cuts, Scrapes

    Unsecured objects in the car have the potential to cause lacerations or scrapes. This comes from a broad range of objects, including books, phones, and drinks. When the impact is hard, some objects have the potential to break the skin and cause deep cuts. 

    As Houston auto accident lawyers, our legal team has seen a broad spectrum of severity in these injuries. When you travel with dangerous objects in your vehicle or collide with another that does, there’s too much potential for harm. That’s why it’s essential to hold negligent drivers accountable. 

    Chest Injuries

    Generally speaking, chest injuries take the form of a contusion or bruise. However, more severe injuries leave people with broken ribs and internal issues. Too often, drivers experience a chest injury after an airbag fails and their body collides with the steering wheel.

    Arm & Leg Injuries

    Similar to whiplash in the neck, sudden impact and motion has the potential to cause sprains and injuries in the arms and legs. Moreover, there’s the potential for your limbs to collide with the console, door, and other parts of the vehicle. 

    In some cases, victims’ knees hit the dashboard or another object, causing sprains, bruises, and scrapes. No matter the severity of your injury, trust our Houston car accident lawyers to help you. We strive to maximize your settlement to ensure you have what you need to move on in life. 

    Spinal Injuries

    The impact of an auto accident has the potential to cause damage to the spinal cord and vertebra. Compression trauma has lasting complications. In some cases, a severe injury paralyzes the victim. 

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    Our Houston car accident lawyers understand that any injury has the potential to change someone’s life. A soft tissue injury impacts the connective tissue in your body. Overall, this includes tendons, ligaments, and even muscles. 

    Unfortunately, this is the most common form of injury in a car accident. This is because these injuries take many forms. Among them, the most common is whiplash, which we mentioned earlier. 

    However, it extends to strains and damage throughout your body. For some, recovery is quick. Unfortunately, other injuries are only manageable and continue to impact people’s lives. 

    Broken or Fractured Bones

    With proper medical attention, these injuries heal well. However, they cause a great deal of pain and take time to heal. Moreover, some have a lasting impact on your mobility and strength. 

    As car wreck lawyers, we examine the true impact of these injuries on your future. 

    When our Houston car accident lawyers work to resolve your personal injury claim, we strive toward compensation that accounts for an array of changes in your life. 

    Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

    The force of impact occasionally includes a blow to the head. In severe cases, objects even penetrate the skull. When you experience a TBI, the effect varies. 

    For some victims, it requires continued management while others suffer long-term cognitive issues. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to cause death. 

    Wrongful Death

    The most severe outcome of a car accident is a wrongful death. At times, this happens upon impact. However, some lose their lives as a result of their injuries. 

    Even with immediate medical attention, some victims succumb to their wounds in the hospital. When a negligent driver causes the death of your loved one, it’s important to remember your rights. Whether you want to hold them accountable or pursue compensation to protect your future, our Houston car accident lawyers have the expertise and experience to help. 

    Houston Car Accident Lawyers Who Fight

    As Houston car wreck lawyers, we strive to help our clients build a better foundation for their future. After a car wreck, your life may feel upended. Our goal is to attain the compensation you need to find even ground again. 

    Schedule a free case evaluation with our personal injury law firm in Houston, TX, today. Share your experience with us. From there, we help you understand your legal options. 

    Moreover, our firm accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless we win your case.

    Car accidents can happen anywhere. It’s always best to be prepared. Know the different types of auto accidents and know your rights; if you have been involved in an accident in or around Houston, Texas, our Houston car accident lawyers are here to help.

    At Universal Law Group, we believe that no one should be punished for the negligence of another driver. Insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible, but our Houston car accident lawyers know how to win you the compensation you deserve. 

    Don’t allow an insurance company to take advantage of you. Trust Universal Law Group to advocate for your rights. Call 832-767-0339 to schedule a free consultation with our Houston car accident lawyers today.

    Rear-End Collisions

    Read-end collisions are the most common type of auto accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 29% of all crashes are rear-end collisions. 

    This type of accident occurs when the front of one car collides with the back of another. A common cause of this is one car following another too closely and not leaving adequate room between vehicles, a process known as ‘tailgating.’ 

    When the leading car slows down (often due to traffic or a stoplight) the driver of the following car does not have time to react. Accidents of this type occur very frequently and can be dangerous for people in both vehicles.

    Head-On Collisions

    Head-on collisions are widely regarded as the most dangerous type of car wreck. There are two types of head-on collision: those involving other cars and those involving a stationary object. 

    Two cars might hit one another head-on if they are driving in opposite directions on the same street. 

    When one of the cars ignores road signage and enters the wrong lane, they may impact directly with the other car, causing a head-on collision that is highly dangerous to everyone involved. 

    A car might also end up in a head-on collision with a stationary object; for example, swerving off the road and hitting a tree. 

    Both of these types of auto accidents are often caused by drunk or distracted drivers. These crashes are often fatal, especially if the car or cars involved are traveling at high speeds.

    Side Impact or T-Bone Collisions

    Side impact collisions are accidents in which one vehicle crashes into the side of another. This is very dangerous for passengers, as there is little protection on the sides of a vehicle. Passengers on the side of a collision may be badly injured or even killed.

    A common type of side-impact collision is called a T-Bone collision. This is a specific type of crash that usually occurs at stoplights. One car runs a red light, causing them to collide perpendicularly with another vehicle in the middle of the intersection. 

    T-Bone collisions are notable for their high fatality rate; they are the second most deadly type of auto accident after head-on collisions.

    Contact our Houston car accident lawyers to learn more about your legal options.

    Rollover Accidents

    Rollover accidents have many different causes. The most common cause is a driver losing control of their vehicle, either by becoming distracted or by driving carelessly. 

    Drifting off the road, especially onto either a guardrail or a hill, can upset the center of balance and cause a car to roll over. This causes significant damage to both the car and the passengers inside.

    Other causes of rollover collisions include multi-vehicle accidents and sharp turns at high speeds. When an auto accident occurs, one car may hit another and cause it to tip over. 

    If a single car attempts to make sharp turns at unsafe speeds, the friction can cause it to roll over, especially in heavily loaded vehicles such as vans or trucks. Although there is no one cause for rollover accidents and they occur very infrequently, they can be highly dangerous when they do occur.

    Sideswipe Collisions

    Sideswipe collisions occur when two vehicles are traveling in the same direction side-by-side. One vehicle attempts to merge or to switch lanes, often without checking to make sure the other lane is clear. This causes the sides of both vehicles to strike against one another. 

    Although sideswipe collisions are less dangerous than some other types of auto accident and have a very low fatality rate, they can still be harmful to passengers in both vehicles.

    Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Auto Accident Attorneys in Houston, TX

    No matter which type of auto accident you were involved in, our attorneys at Universal Law Group can help. Our Houston car accident lawyers are highly experienced and know how to win you the compensation you deserve. 

    Call 832-767-0339 to schedule a free consultation today. If you are looking for Houston car wreck lawyers, look no further; Universal Law Group is here to help you.

    Even when you take the right steps after a collision, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Oftentimes, you have questions, and you want an answer quickly. Some of them feel obvious and occur quickly. 

    However, others take time to arise – days or even weeks after an accident. Whenever you have questions about your crash, trust in a Houston auto accident attorney from Universal Law Group. As experienced Houston car accident lawyers, we strive to provide transparent, pertinent information. 

    If you aren’t sure whether to work with an attorney, ask yourself the following questions. 

    Is anyone injured? Are there any fatalities?

    When you or someone you love sustains injuries in an auto accident, it’s essential to seek immediate medical care. The health of the victim is the top priority. 

    After you receive medical or if your loved one, unfortunately, did not survive the accident, contact our law firm as soon as possible. With an auto accident attorney on your side, you have an advocate to help you determine the full cost of those injuries.  

    Was there damage to the vehicles?

    Oftentimes, car accidents cause minor damage. However, some collision causes severe damage to your vehicle. Worse yet, serious accidents even total vehicles. 

    When you rely on your vehicle as your main form of transportation, it is essential. This is especially true in a commuter city like Houston, TX. If a negligent driver damages or totals your motor vehicle, you should not bear the financial burden of repairing or replacing that vehicle. 

    You deserve full compensation for this damage, and we can help. The negligent driver’s insurance company can cover those costs. Our Houston car accident attorneys fight to maximize your settlement. 

    Did the police show up?

    Typically, Houston Police Department officers arrive at the scene of an accident. In many cases, the officer on site identifies whether anyone involved violated the law. One unfortunately common example in Texas is drunk driving. 

    In this instance, the police arrest and charge that person for a DWI. Additionally, they have the power to issue citations for running a red light, speeding, and an array of other traffic violations. 

    When this happens, it helps your Houston car accident lawyer prove who was at fault. This evidence helps our legal team leverage the settlement in your favor. 

    Do you have medical costs to cover?

    When you sustain no financial losses, there’s no compensation to collect from an insurance company. However, even with a relatively minor medical bill that you cover out of pocket, you have the right to recover compensation. 

    Medical bills from car wrecks range from a couple of hundred dollars and up into the millions. In either case, it’s important to work with our Houston car accident lawyers. Our legal team has years of experience and knows how to build an accurate settlement demand. 

    We look to costs that some clients never think to consider. That’s because we want to ensure that you have everything you need to move on with your life and recover successfully. 

    What are my and the other driver’s legal responsibilities?

    When an accident results in injuries or property damage, state law requires that all drivers involved stop and stay at the scene. It’s essential to render the aid people need and exchange information. 

    After the accident, the responsibilities and rights of each driver depend on who is at fault. Any driver who didn’t act with negligence has the right to file an insurance claim against the negligent driver. 

    A driver that causes a crash needs to contact their own insurance company. The insurance provider bears the responsibility of reimbursing victims for their losses. Oftentimes, more than one person bears some level of fault. 

    In Texas, we use a Modified Comparative Fault system. This means that even with fault, you have the right to pursue some level of compensation. However, the percentage of fault can not exceed 51%. 

    When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we investigate your claim to determine liability. 

    What kind of settlement should I expect?

    When a negligent driver causes your accident, your settlement depends on an array of factors. If you work with a car accident lawyer Houston trusts at Universal Law Group, we help to maximize your settlement. 

    Here are a few of the factors that impact your compensation. 

    • Severity of injuries 
    • Property damage 
    • Total cost of medical expenses
    • The need for ongoing medical care 
    • How much work you miss and income you lose 
    • Whether you have the option to return to work
    • Lasting disfigurement, impairments, or disabilities
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Metal anguish from the accident

    When you want to calculate these costs, it’s not always easy. Too often, people don’t fully understand their rights and what compensation is available. That’s why a skilled car accident attorney in Houston is so helpful. 

    With our legal team, you have advocates to ensure you demand and receive the compensation you need to move forward in your life.

    Other Questions On Your Mind? Call Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers

    As you start your medical treatment, it’s normal for questions to gather in your mind. Moreover, you probably want to better understand your legal options. At Universal Law Group, our personal injury law firm offers FREE case evaluations. 

    When you have questions, we have answers. If you have a problem, we’re ready to help you solve it. Feel free to contact our legal team with any issue you face. We are more than happy to discuss your claim with no obligation. 

    After a motor vehicle collision, you have rights. With our Houston car accident lawyers, you have advocates to help you fight for a better future. Call now to schedule your free consultation.

    Generally, it is best to leave communication with other parties to your Houston car accident lawyers. This includes even your own car insurance company.

    If you do not anticipate pursuing a personal injury lawsuit within three days of the accident, report the basic details of your claim to the insurance firm. 

    Again, it is essential that you do not accept blame or fault in any type of accident. Oftentimes, your biggest opponent in a car accident is the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance firms typically have their own investigators and insurance adjusters who seek to undermine your claim and your case. Additionally, they may offer you an initial settlement in hopes that you won’t attempt to negotiate. 

    When you work with the Houston car accident attorneys at Universal Law Group, we are your advocates against these companies. We know when a settlement offer is not in your best interests and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

    If you believe that you may be at fault in a car accident, lawyers can help you understand the situation. When you hire a Houston car accident attorney, they act as your advocate and investigator, gathering all the facts of the case, including factors you may not be aware of.

    Solid legal defense highlights extenuating circumstances and helps mitigate the legal consequences of an accident. Moreover, in Texas, fault can be ascribed to multiple parties based on a percentage of responsibility for the accident.

    This may mean that, even when at fault, you are due compensation for your injuries. After collisions occur, hiring Houston car accident lawyers to represent you in your case is a vital first step in protecting your rights.

    As Houston auto accident attorneys, we understand the dangers of the road. That’s how we know the unpredictable nature of motor vehicle accidents. What we know for sure, though, is that so long as vehicles are on the road, accidents are sure to happen. 

    With this in mind, government agencies like the NHTSA, FMCSA, and the Texas Department of Transportation continue to gather statistics about collisions. Truly, these numbers are sobering. However, the data is helpful as we determine the major causes of accidents. 

    For example, we now understand how likely distracted driving is to cause an accident in comparison to adverse weather. Additionally, these organizations compile statistics regarding the types of crashes and the severity of the injuries people sustain in these accidents. 

    Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula to determine how much a specific settlement is worth for one victim. However, the figures provide our Houston car accident attorneys with a good deal of information to help our clients calculate a fair settlement. 

    If you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle collision caused by a negligent driver, our experienced Houston car accident lawyers fight to maximize your settlement. As your advocates, we want to help you achieve the compensation you deserve. 

    The Average Car Accident Settlement

    Statistically speaking, the average car accident settlement falls somewhere between $14,000 and $28,000. With this in mind, the median is around $21,000. However, it’s important to remember that this includes relatively minor accidents as well. 

    In minor cases, they might only cover a single doctor visit or repairs to a vehicle. When you include severe accidents, the settlement numbers skew much higher. As your advocates, we factor in as many damages as possible to ensure your needs are met. 

    • Lost wages 
    • Vehicle repairs 
    • Medical expenses 
    • Reduced earning capacity 
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Applicable expenses

    When we represent an injured Texan after an auto accident, we work diligently and thoroughly to calculate a settlement. We strive to ensure our clients have the funds they need to move on with their life. Whether you need extensive therapy or your injury permanently changes your life, we want to help you stay covered. 

    Auto Accident Attorneys and Negotiations

    While a settlement is not set in stone, some insurance companies multiply final medical bills to provide our motor vehicle accident attorneys with a general number. This estimate might sound great at first. However, we want to be thorough to ensure you aren’t left in the lurch. 

    With that said, we understand that pain and suffering are subjective. We use our experience to look beyond the statistics and numbers to examine the emotional toll of the accident. When you meet us at your free consultation, we want to understand the true impact of the accident. 

    There’s no universal account for pain and suffering. As such, we work as your advocates to bring it into reality. We want to help you fight for a better future. 

    When the Settlement Offer Isn’t Enough

    In some cases, the insurance companies simply do not want to offer everything you need. That’s when you truly require Houston car accident lawyers on your side. 

    It’s important for us to calculate your settlement properly. Once you accept an offer, there’s no option to renegotiate. For some people, the initial offer an insurance company makes seems perfect. 

    Unfortunately, they later find the impact of the accident was far more severe than they realized. As Houston car accident lawyers, we guide you through the process. When an insurance company refuses to settle with a sufficient offer, we take them to court. 

    Why Universal Law Group?

    Often, the victims of negligent drivers think a lawyer only helps once they go to court. That simply isn’t true. More than personal injury lawyers, we are your advocates through the claim process. 

    For insurance companies, it’s in their best interest to offer the lowest possible settlement. However, it’s in your best interests to maximize your claim. With the auto accident attorneys at Universal Law Group on your side, you have someone to help you negotiate. 

    If negotiations fail, we are more than happy to take them to court. As your advocates, we fight to protect your rights and your future. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can fight for you. 

    After a car accident in Houston, you might feel overwhelmed. When a negligent driver’s reckless behavior causes you harm, you have the right to hold them accountable. In personal injury claims, the word “damages” refers to the compensation available to accident victims. 

    As Houston car accident lawyers, our team advocates for injured Texans who need help achieving the compensation they deserve. Here, we take a look at the different types of damages as well as steps to help ensure you maximize your claim. 

    Compensatory Damages

    When we look at Section 41.01 of the Texas Civil Remedies Code, we see the details of the damages available in a motor vehicle collision lawsuit as well as other personal injury claims. As Houston car accident lawyers, we start to build your claim with compensatory damages. 

    As the term implies, these damages compensate you for any loss you suffer as a result of your auto accident. This includes both current and future expenses. 

    Under the umbrella of compensatory damages, there are two types available: economic and non-economic. 

    Economic Damages

    When you have questions about damages available to you, our Houston car accident lawyers are happy to explain what you need to know. 

    Economic damages refer to the actual costs that result from the auto accident. Here are a few examples. 

    • Medical bills: These vary with your condition but include diagnostics, treatment and medications, follow-up visits with your physician, visits to specialists, and physical therapy. Additionally, they include any other medical expenses that you accrue. 
    • Property damage: Whether you repair or replace your vehicle, it counts towards your compensation. This also extends to any other noteworthy items you lose in the accident, such as a crushed laptop. 
    • Lost wages: This is two-fold. It includes wages you lost from time away from work as well as any reduction to your earning capacity. Often, this results from a long-term disability or permanent impairment. 
    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages cover the less tangible losses you experience in an auto accident. When you hear Houston car accident lawyers talk about “pain and suffering,” those are non-economic damages. 

    Moreover, it includes any mental anguish you suffer as well as loss of enjoyment in your life. For instance, when your motor vehicle collision results in an injury that makes you unable to participate in your favorite hobby, it reduces your quality of life. 

    Non-economic damages also include any compensation owed due to the loss of companionship your family experiences from a wrongful death. 

    For compensatory damages, there are no caps in a Texas car accident claim. The only exception is when the other driver is a government official or an employee of a government entity. In these cases, there’s a cap of $250,000 per person or $500,000 for a single accident. 

    Punitive Damages

    In rare cases, Houston car accident lawyers seek punitive damages. However, this generally requires extreme circumstances in the accident. 

    As an additional form of compensation, punitive damages are a form of punishment. When a liable driver is grossly negligent, reckless, or malicious, a judge might add fees on top of compensatory damages. 

    Gross negligence refers to any behavior that exhibits a willful and/or extreme disregard for the health and safety of others. 

    • Distracted driving
    • Driving under medications that alter someone’s mental or physical functions
    • Driving while intoxicated 
    • Aggressive driving 
    • Excessive speeding 
    • Racing 
    • Purposefully running red lights

    When a judge awards punitive damages, they want to send a message to the at-fault driver as well as others who might ignore their duty of care on the road. Typically, they base the charges on the total amount of losses suffered. 

    In Texas car accident claims, there’s a cap on punitive damages that limits them to the greater of $200,000 or twice the amount of economic damages plus the total of non-economic damages up to $750,000. 

    For instance, when both economic and non-economic damages are $1 million, the maximum for punitive damages is set at $2,750,000. 

    How to Help Us Maximize Your Damages

    The actions you take immediately after a motor vehicle accident impact your claim and compensation. As Houston car accident lawyers, we want to help you maximize your settlement. 

    Here are a few steps to help improve your odds for better compensation. 

    • Report the auto accident to the police immediately. 
    • Gather the contact information of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved. 
    • Document the scene with photos and videos, including damage to your vehicle and your injuries.
    • Seek medical attention immediately and be sure to follow your doctor’s treatment plan.
    • Resist the urge to accept an immediate settlement offer from the insurance company. 
    • Contact our Houston car accident lawyers to discuss your legal options. 

    How Our Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

    When you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle accident in Houston or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Universal Law Group. Our auto accident attorneys are available to walk you through the damages available in your claim. 

    Most importantly, we act as your advocates. Our Houston car accident lawyers bear the burden of your claim so that you have time to focus on healing. Whether compensatory or punitive damages, we seek to maximize your settlement offer. 

    Schedule a free consultation with our attorneys today. 

    Experienced Houston Car Accident Lawyers Committed to Injured Texans

    When you sustain an injury in a car accident in Houston, TX, it’s hard to know what to do next. If a negligent driver causes a car wreck that leaves you hurt, you deserve financial compensation. However, how do you start that process? 

    At Universal Law Group, our team of Houston car accident lawyers guides people through this process. Every step of the way, you have an advocate to maximize your settlement and pursue your best interests. 

    How to Determine Settlement Demands

    Oftentimes, one of the first things people want to know is this. 

    How much is my car accident worth?

    There are several factors that impact the value of a personal injury claim. This includes the type of injury you sustain. It also depends on the severity of your injuries. Moreover, we have to consider the limits of the negligent driver’s insurance policy. 

    As you can see, it becomes complex quickly. Still, while it’s difficult to come up with an exact number, our firm helps you maximize your settlement in your particular situation. With personalized legal representation, we explore every avenue to pursue. 

    Economic Damages

    Certain losses you suffer in a motor vehicle collision have a specific dollar value. This provides a foundation for your settlement demands. Here are a few examples. 

    Medical Expenses

    This includes all of your current and future medical bills. These expenses cover a broad spectrum of treatments so long as they relate to the injuries sustained in the car accident. 

    • Diagnostic testing 
    • Emergency services 
    • Hospitalization
    • Surgery
    • Follow-up appointments 
    • Home health aides
    • Physical therapy
    Lost Wages

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand how much a collision changes your life. In many cases, serious injuries prevent people from working. When they miss work, it impacts every other aspect of their lives. 

    Including lost wages in your settlement helps you recover financially from a significant burden. If a negligent driver keeps you from work, it’s crucial to pursue compensation.

    Reduced Earning Capacity

    Lost earning capacity refers to your ability to earn income in the future. Oftentimes, this results from a permanent disability that results from the auto accident. With a car accident lawyer, Houston victims have a stronger opportunity to recover what they deserve.

    When an accident changes the way you live, it is essential to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions. 

    Property Damage

    When it comes to auto accidents, this often refers to the repair or replacement of your vehicle. However, it’s possible to include a range of other relevant items. 

    • Did you lose a laptop in the wreck? 
    • Is your smartphone busted? 
    • Do you have to spend money on rideshare services to get around?

    With our Houston car accident lawyers on your side, you have someone to uncover and recover the full spectrum of economic damages. 

    Noneconomic Damages

    Noneconomic damages are a little more difficult to pin down. How do you put a dollar value on your suffering? Can we truly measure the extent of your trauma? 

    While it’s not easy, our auto accident attorneys strive to attain the compensation necessary to help you move forward. These damages include the following. 

    • Disfigurement 
    • Loss of companionship 
    • Physical impairment 
    • Mental anguish and emotional pain 
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Loss of enjoyment in life

    With our Houston car accident lawyers, you have an advocate to calculate damages. When you need additional treatment or miss additional work, the amount rises over time. From there, our personal injury attorneys demand compensation. 

    Car Accident Lawyers Houston Drivers Trust

    At our Houston personal injury firm, we understand how to build a strong claim. We prove the extent of your injuries and tie them back to the negligence of another. As your advocates, we review accident reports and medical records. 

    Furthermore, we investigate your claim and interview witnesses from the scene. When necessary, we work with experts and specialists to help our team better understand your accident. 

    Oftentimes, insurance companies use an array of tactics to limit your payout. Far too often, this results in people gaining less than what they deserve. When insurance companies challenge the severity of your injuries, they only care about their own profits. 

    In some cases, they even attempt to shift the blame to the victim of an auto accident. All these tactics help them save money at your expense. That’s why you need an advocate to protect your future. 

    With our Houston car accident lawyers, the insurance company sees that you are ready to fight. When they see the potential to go to court, they are more willing to negotiate an appropriate settlement. 

    If you sustained an injury from a car wreck in Houston, TX, contact our team today. At your free case evaluation, we help you understand your options. 

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we know what it takes to win your case. Whether we settle from negotiations or win in court, it takes solid evidence. In some cases, there’s clear evidence for an open and shut claim. 

    For example, say that a driver posts an update to Instagram right before they rear-end your vehicle. Alternatively, perhaps they stumble out of their car reeking of alcohol. In both of these cases, our Houston car accident lawyers have a pretty easy job ahead of them. 

    However, not every case is so simple. Oftentimes, it’s more difficult to identify the cause of an auto accident. Attorneys then act as investigators to explore and determine liability. 

    As we gather evidence, we work to prove the negligence of the other driver as well as the severity of your injuries. Typically, the sooner we start, the better opportunity we have to protect your future. 

    Here are some examples of the evidence we explore in your car accident claim. 

    The Scene of the Accident

    In many personal injury claims, our lawyers don’t make it to the accident itself. Oftentimes, in the aftermath of a crash, calling our Houston car accident lawyers is not a high priority – rightfully so. 

    However, we still examine the scene of the accident. Moreover, we look over any photos from you or any witnesses of the collision. Often, this shows us some tell-tale signs of liability that aren’t always clear to other investigators. 

    • Damage to the vehicles 
    • Angle of the collision 
    • Tire marks 
    • Road conditions 
    • Weather conditions

    All of this helps us identify the cause of the auto accident. 

    Video – Surveillance, Social Media, and More

    Today, there are cameras just about everywhere. They sit outside of businesses, at apartment complexes, in parking lots, and even on some streetlights. 

    Additionally, witnesses often capture video evidence when they suspect something bad is about to happen. When you work with our team of Houston car accident lawyers, we seek out video footage. 

    If we find any recording, we carefully review the video to gather evidence that proves liability. 

    Digital Records

    There are other forms of digital evidence that help us prove negligence as well. This is especially true in DWI accidents or distracted driving accidents. For instance, perhaps the other driver posted on social media just before the accident. 

    Alternatively, their credit card statement may show a large bill from a bar or restaurant shortly before they get behind the wheel. In both cases, this is often highly persuasive evidence. 

    Witness Testimony

    When someone witnessed your auto accident, our Houston car accident lawyers may interview them. Often, witnesses provide an additional perspective on an accident. This offers new insight into the cause of the collision. 

    For instance, when you suddenly feel a crash happen, it’s hard to know what happened. However, a driver in another lane or another part of an intersection may know exactly what occurred. 

    Citations & Convictions

    When law enforcement responds to an auto accident, they attempt to determine whether someone broke the law. This includes an array of illegal activities. 

    • Aggressive driving
    • Distracted driving 
    • Drunk driving 
    • Running red lights 
    • Speeding 
    • Tailgating 
    • Other violations

    In these cases, police may issue a citation at the scene or even arrest the driver. When there’s a conviction, we use that as evidence of negligence. 

    Expert Analysis

    When our Houston car accident lawyers suspect a defective part of road hazard caused a collision, we work with experts to evaluate your case. For instance, an auto parts expert may determine whether a manufacturer sold someone a defective vehicle or part. 

    Additionally, road design experts may testify whether the road itself posed an unreasonable danger to Houston drivers. These experts help us prove liability for your claim. 

    Moreover, they help our auto accident attorneys explore additional avenues for compensation.

    When you want to calculate damages from a car accident, you need to work with experienced Houston car accident lawyers. With a car wreck attorney on your side, you have someone to review a range of documents. These include repair bills, pay stubs, and more. 

    However, Texas law also allows victims of negligent drivers to recover funds for pain and suffering. This refers to how much you suffer as a result of your injuries. But, how do you put a number on something so intangible?

    Uncovering Pain and Suffering

    When we talk about pain and suffering in personal injury claims, we mean the physical pain you feel as well as any mental trauma the accident caused. If you have to deal with a severe injury, it takes work. There’s a great deal of emotional labor involved in recovery. 

    You deserve to recover for both the physical and mental pain you experience. Unfortunately, people don’t always know how to calculate pain and suffering. That’s where a Houston car accident lawyer from Universal Law Group helps. 

    How We Help You Calculate Pain & Suffering as Houston Car Accident Lawyers

    First, start with how many days you have to deal with your injury. For instance, how long did it take you to heal? If it took around 60 days, and you feel your suffering has a certain amount per day, you might total that and request that level of compensation. 

    Alternatively, you might look at the total of your economic damages and compare it to the amount requested for pain and suffering. If your economic damages total $200,000, it’s possible to build an argument for pain and suffering based on those damages. 

    Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula or amount for car accident settlements. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with our Houston car accident lawyers. There are many variables to consider and a great deal of variation based on numerous critical factors. 

    For example, it’s important to consider the “jury pool.” If your case goes to trial, the average among verdicts for similar cases tends to vary from county to county. That means the settlement value of your accident may be worth more or less in a different county. 

    Still, there’s no way for our team to calculate pain and suffering damages without knowing about your case. Schedule a FREE case evaluation with our team. Share your story with a Houston car accident lawyer at Universal Law Group. 

    From there, we have the ability to discuss your legal options and help you maximize your settlement. 

    Pain and Suffering from an Insurance Provider’s Perspective

    After a car accident, the insurance company of a negligent driver acts quickly. They want to reach out to you to get you talking. Why do they do this? 

    They hope that you unintentionally make a comment that helps them limit your settlement. For instance, a response to “How are you?” as simple as “I’m fine” is enough to hurt your claim. To you, it’s a simple matter of being polite. 

    However, they hear “I don’t have any pain, and my injuries aren’t too serious.” Truly, people respond “fine” regardless of whether they struggle. It happens all the time. 

    Schedule a FREE Consultation: No Fees Until We Win

    In order to protect your rights, it’s crucial to seek representation from a trusted Houston personal injury law firm. At Universal Law Group, we are your advocates throughout the process. 

    From filing your claim to the final resolution, our Houston car accident lawyers have your back. Moreover, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless and until we win your case.

    Call our firm to talk to a Houston car accident lawyer today. Share your experience and let us help you explore your options.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we are all too familiar with the frequency of auto collisions in Texas. Across the Lone Star State, a reportable auto accident occurs about once per minute. When this happens, it is essential for victims to establish legal fault. 

    In doing so, they have a better chance to receive the compensation they deserve. Still, this process is complex even when limited to two vehicles.

    Auto accident attorneys have to consider the weather conditions, hazards on the road, the speed of each vehicle, and more to uncover who is at fault. 

    When you need to establish fault in car wrecks that involve more than two vehicles, it makes the process yet more challenging. Below, we discuss some of the most relevant factors to determine fault in a three-car accident. 

    Remember, when you work with a Houston car accident lawyer, you have an advocate on your side. As you recover, our auto accident attorneys work to investigate your claim and maximize your settlement. 

    What is a chain-reaction collision?

    When a collision involves three vehicles, it tends to be a chain reaction crash. This name refers to the most common way in which these accidents happen. Initially, two cars collide. 

    Then, the force of the collision leads to further crashes with other motor vehicles. This creates a chain reaction that damages and/or injures multiple parties. 

    Here, our focus is on three-car crashes. However, a chain reaction collision has the potential to include any number of vehicles. Oftentimes, news coverage refers to these events as pileups. 

    This is an especially common term when the accident involves a large number of vehicles or occurs on a high-traffic roadway. 

    No matter the circumstances of your collision, when someone else causes you harm, you have legal rights. Contact our Houston car accident lawyers today to learn more about your options. 

    How to Determine Liability in Three-Car Accidents

    Due to the complexity of the scene of the accident and the dynamics at play leading up to the collision, it’s no easy feat to establish fault in a multiple-car accident. In some cases, the legal and financial liability falls upon a single driver who acted with negligence. 

    However, it’s possible for multiple drivers to share responsibility. 

    Proving Negligence in a Pileup

    Generally speaking, a successful car accident claim relies on the victim’s ability to establish the negligence of another driver. In order to establish negligence, it is essential to prove the following. 

    • The driver at fault owed a duty of care to others on the road. Generally, this duty requires the safe and lawful operation of their vehicle and applies to everyone on the road.
    • The negligent driver breached their duty of care. For instance, they drove at excessive speed or followed another car too closely. 
    • When the driver breached their duty, the negligence caused the collision as well as subsequent injuries and damage. 
    Example Scenarios

    When you want to determine fault in a three-car collision, it depends on an array of circumstances. Our Houston car accident lawyers are available to help you understand the particulars of your claim. 

    With a car accident lawyer, Houston victims have an advocate on their side to investigate their case. Here are a few common scenarios that occur on Texas roads. 

    • Example One – Vehicles A and B wait at an intersection. Vehicle C approaches B but fails to stop, causing a collision. This causes B to lurch forward, crashing into vehicle A. Here, the driver of Vehicle C is the liable party. 
    • Example Two – Vehicle A suddenly halts to avoid a hazard in the road. Prior to this, Vehicle B followed A too closely. The sudden stop causes a rear-end collision. Additionally, Vehicle C was tailgating B, causing another collision. Here, B is liable for the first collision while C is liable for the second. 
    • Example Three – Vehicle A cuts off Vehicle B on the freeway. Here, Vehicle B is a commercial truck. The truck driver (B) is unable to slow down in time, causing the truck to collide with A. The force of the collision causes Vehicle A to drift into another lane where it hits Vehicle C. Vehicle A carries the liability for the entirety of the crash because they failed to change lanes properly. 

    Unfortunately, there are far too many scenarios that lead to multi-car pileups. While these are some of the most common situations, it’s crucial to work with our Houston car accident lawyers to fully explore your claim. 

    Why Work with Our Houston Auto Accident Attorneys?

    When you work with the Houston car accident lawyers at Universal Law Group, we act as your advocates. That means we investigate your claim and work to maximize your settlement. We bear the burden of your claim so that you have the time and space you need to heal. 

    When Multiple Parties Are Liable for an Auto Accident

    As we showed above, it’s possible for multiple parties to share liability in a car accident. When this happens, everyone who plays a role shares fault for the collision. 

    This falls under the Modified Comparative Fault System in Texas, which has a 51% bar on recovery. 

    What does this mean for you? Let our Houston car accident lawyers explain. 

    • The state apportions fault based on how your action or inaction contributes to a collision. The higher percentage you contribute to the accident, the larger your share of the fault becomes. 
    • Additionally, so long as someone else shares a larger portion of the blame, you have the potential to recover compensation. However, once your share exceeds 50%, you have no legal recourse to seek damages. 
    Sample Scenario

    Vehicles A, B, and C experience an accident on a highway in Houston. As our Houston car accident lawyers investigate, we determine the fault breaks down as follows. 

    • A carries 10% of the fault 
    • B carries 35% 
    • C is 55% at fault 

    What does this mean under the rules of contributory negligence? 

    • A is able to recover 90% of their damages but bears 10% liability for the damages of B and C. 
    • B has the option to recover 65% of their damages and is liable for 35% of the damages of A and C. 
    • C has no option to recover damages and bears 55% of the liability for damages sustained by A and B. 

    Now, let’s make an adjustment. A has 0% of the liability for a collision. On the other hand, B and C share an equal level of fault. What does this mean for them? 

    • A has the option to recover 100% of their damages with no financial liability for anyone else’s damages. 
    • B and C both have the potential to recover 50% of the value of the damages. However, they are also responsible for 50% of the damages sustained by the others. 

    As you can see, multi-vehicle accidents require a precise determination in levels of fault. When you share some fault in an accident, our Houston car accident lawyers are available to help you recover compensation. 

    What Causes Chain Reaction Accidents?

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we know all too well that there are many causes behind collisions. Like most motor vehicle collisions, three-car accidents tend to result from human error. However, different environmental factors cause them as well. 

    Here are some of the most common causes of multi-car pileups. 

    • Speeding – When someone drives too fast, it reduces the amount of time they have to react or stop. Moreover, it decreases a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. Unfortunately, this means many chain-reaction collisions result from excessive speeding. 
    • Failure to Signal – Your turn signal communicates your intent to move. If you fail to signal before you change lanes or turn, the odds of a collision increase. 
    • Following too Closely – Occasionally, multi-car accidents occur because one driver tailgates another driver. When multiple cars travel at high speeds too closely, a sudden stop can cause a chain reaction of collisions. 
    • Distracted Driving – Distracted driving is all too common a problem our Houston car accident lawyers see. From eating to talking on the phone, distractions have the potential to lead to a multi-car pileup. Oftentimes, it also pairs with other types of negligence as well. 
    • Driving While Intoxicated – Unfortunately, drunk driving is a leading cause in car accidents. When someone drives while intoxicated in a high-traffic area, it increases the chances of a chain-reaction collision. 
    • Weather – Fog and heavy rain are all too common in Houston. Moreover, random freezes cause spots of unfamiliar terrain to crop up across the city. These adverse conditions make it harder for drivers to stop in time. 

    Personalized Representation from our Houston Car Accident Attorneys

    These are just a few of the potential factors that cause three-car accidents and pileups. As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand that accidents occur for many reasons. One of the most common features of these collisions is traffic. 

    When cars crowd a roadway, it increases the odds of a wreck involving three or more vehicles. If you experience a three-car accident, call on the expertise of our Houston car accident lawyers. As problem solvers, we help Houstonians recover the compensation necessary to move on in life. 

    Schedule a free case evaluation today. 

    In a city like Houston, we rely on our vehicles to get us everywhere we need to go on a daily basis. From commutes to and from work to dropping our kids off at school or heading out to meet friends, our cars take us there.

    Oftentimes, we don’t think about vehicular problems until something happens. Typically, there are warning signs to let us know something is wrong, too. However, as Houston car accident lawyers, we know all too well that some defects don’t offer a warning.

    Unfortunately, this has the potential to cause deadly motor vehicle collisions. Below, we look at some of the more common vehicle defects that cause car wrecks.

    In many of these cases, there’s potential to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer.

    To learn more about your car accident claim, schedule a free case evaluation with our auto accident attorneys.

    Tire Blowouts

    The faster you move, the more pressure your car puts on the tires. Moreover, if you overfill your tires, it increases the pressure even more. When the wall of a tire has a weak point from manufacturing problems, it’s possible for a tire to blow.

    This sends your vehicle spinning out of control. In severe cases, this causes multi-car accidents with severe damage and injuries.

    When you need to hold a manufacturer accountable for their negligence, our Houston car accident lawyers are the advocates you need.

    Brake Failure

    Brakes are one of the most crucial components of a vehicle. They make all the difference between safety on the road and severe car accidents.

    When brakes fail, it often results in devastating car wrecks. Every year, manufacturers recall thousands of vehicles for some type of brake issue. If your brakes fail and cause an accident, you might be eligible for compensation.

    Overheating Engine

    Engines heat up. That’s entirely normal. Moreover, it’s why there’s a temperature gauge on your dashboard.

    Additionally, that’s why cars have radiators and cooling systems. However, when a manufacturer fails to properly construct an engine, there’s nothing to keep it cool. Then, it overheats.

    When an engine overheats, it has the potential to cause a catastrophic system failure. As Houston car accident lawyers, we help injured drivers hold negligent manufacturers accountable.

    Misfiring Airbags

    Airbags protect us from accidents when they deploy properly. These devices help to protect our upper bodies and heads from injuries. However, if your airbag fails to deploy or misfires, it leaves you vulnerable to severe injuries.

    If this is the result of a manufacturing defect, you might be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Contact our Houston car accident lawyers for a thorough review of your case.

    Gas Tanks Catching Fire

    As you already know, gas is quite flammable. Your engine burns gas to create the power that moves your vehicle. When your gas tank system has a defect, this has the potential to cause sparks or misfires.

    The potential there is deadly. When this happens, it can ignite the gas and cause a fire to break out in the vehicle. If this happens, it leaves you and others on the road vulnerable to severe burn injuries and car wrecks.

    Sticking Gears

    Whether you drive an automatic car or a manual, shifting gears is just part of how you drive. If a gear sticks or slips, it causes the vehicle to become unsteady and uncontrollable.

    Often, this results in an accident with potentially severe injuries. While human error happens, the root cause here is often a manufacturer defect in the gear mechanisms.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we investigate your car wreck to find the true cause. Once we know what caused your accident, we hold the liable accountable.

    Breaking Axles

    The axle of your vehicle is kind of like the spine of your body. It keeps the wheels aligned and straight. Moreover, it is what offers you better control over the vehicle as you drive.

    When an axle suddenly breaks, it can cause the tires to come off the car. Additionally, it has the potential to cause the vehicle to careen out of control. Unfortunately, this often results in severe collisions out on the road.

    How Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

    When you experience a car accident, it’s a difficult situation. If a defect causes your accident, it is essential that you hold the manufacturer accountable for their negligence.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we are your advocates in your time of need. With extensive experience in auto accident claims, we help you understand your options. When you have a claim, we work to maximize your settlement.

    Moreover, you pay us nothing until we win your case. To schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer Houston trusts, call our personal injury firm today.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we know how tragic a collision can be. In the worst cases, some car accident victims don’t survive a collision. For others, the extent of their injuries becomes too much for their bodies. 

    Unfortunately, these individuals don’t have the opportunity to hold the liable accountable or pursue a car accident claim. However, that does not mean that a negligent driver gets off the hook. It’s still possible for someone to hold them liable for the devastating loss that results from their negligence. 

    With our car accident lawyers, Houston families have the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim. This form of personal injury claim helps them recover from the severe financial strain that loss causes. While we understand no amount of money fills the void of a lost loved one, we work to maximize your settlement to ease your family’s financial burden. 

    Moreover, we strive to bring you a sense of justice. 

    At Universal Law Group, our personal injury attorneys hand wrongful death claims that stem from auto accidents. 

    How Wrongful Death Claims Work

    When you call on our Houston car accident lawyers to handle your claim, we become advocates for you and your family. Our goal is to bear the weight of your claim so that you can find some peace. Whether you need to heal physically or grieve, we strive to make the claims process as smooth as possible and ease your burden. 

    With a car wreck lawyer, Houston families have someone to explain the process. Here, we cover some of the basic requirements. If you want to learn more about your legal options, schedule a free case evaluation

    The first requirement of a wrongful death claim is the same as any personal injury claim. Someone else’s negligence caused the accident and the death. Then, a qualifying individual has the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim in Texas. 

    • Surviving children – including both adopted children and adult children
    • The surviving spouse
    • Surviving parents – including adoptive parents

    These relatives all have the option to file a claim individually. Alternatively, they have the option to file a collective claim. When none of the above family members file the wrongful death claim within three months of the person’s date of death, the executor of their estate or personal representative gains the power to file a claim. 

    However, they lose this power when a surviving family member requests that they do not file the claim. 

    Wrongful Death & Criminal Charges

    When a driver faces criminal charges for someone’s death, it’s important to understand that this does not result in damages. As experienced Houston car accident lawyers, we recommend that families take the initiative and file a claim in civil court. This is a completely separate process and matter. 

    Generally speaking, a criminal conviction imposes fines, jail time, and other punitive measures. While this offers a sense of justice, it does not help to protect your family’s future. However, a successful car accident claim results in compensation for surviving family. 

    As car wreck lawyers, we work to maximize your settlement to ensure your wrongful death claim helps to establish a foundation for your family to move forward. Criminal and civil cases can happen at the same time or one after the other. 

    Moreover, you still have the potential to prevail in your wrongful death claim even when the negligent driver receives no criminal conviction. 

    Wrongful Death Damages and Houston Car Accident Lawyers

    In any personal injury case, it is difficult to calculate appropriate damages. However, our Houston car accident lawyers understand how to uncover every potential damage and leverage evidence to maximize your claim. 

    For a wrongful death case, damages compensate your family and estate for the financial and emotional loss that stems from an untimely death. In Texas, these are the damages available in a wrongful death case. 

    • Loss of care, maintenance, support, services, advice, and counsel the lost loved one would provide to the family
    • Lost earnings and other financial contributions the deceased made for your family
    • The loss of love, comfort, and companionship
    • The mental and emotional anguish as well as pain and suffering of the surviving family members
    • Lost inheritance, which includes the potential savings left to the family had your loved one reached retirement

    When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we help you explore every avenue for damages and compensation. In some wrongful death claims, the surviving family has the option to seek exemplary damages. At times, we also refer to these as punitive damages. 

    If your car accident claim involves a wrongful death that results from a willful act or omission or due to gross negligence, you have the potential to recover exemplary damages. 

    The purpose of punitive damages is not specifically to compensate your family. Instead, the purpose is to punish wrongdoing and send a message to others. While our Houston car accident lawyers have less control over these damages, we help judges recognize instances of gross negligence. 

    What Happens to the Settlement

    When the court awards damages to a group, family members split damages. This goes according to the proportion of the injury suffered due to the loss. Typically, the court determines how to divide the settlement. 

    Statute of Limitations on Wrongful Death Car Accident Claims

    When you work with car accident lawyers Houston trusts, you have the guidance you need to protect your future. With a wrongful death claim after a car wreck, you have an opportunity to move forward. However, it’s important to understand the time constraints. 

    Moreover, it’s essential that you act quickly. As mentioned above, you have three months from the date of your loved one’s death to file a wrongful death claim. That’s why it is essential to contact our Houston car accident lawyers as soon as possible. 

    In Texas, there is also a statute of limitations that covers all personal injury claims. Generally, you have two years from the date of the accident to file your claim. While there are exceptions to this it’s important to act quickly. 

    As Houston car accident lawyers and advocates for families, we recognize the importance of the grieving process. In the months following a fatal collision, it’s difficult to know what to do. However, we urge you not to hesitate. 

    When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we offer the compassion and empathy your family needs. However, we couple that with the aggressive representation necessary to maximize your claim. 

    If you have lost a loved one to a car wreck, schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team today. Let us advise you on your rights and options. Then, let us be your advocates through every step of the legal process.

    Under federal law, each state in the U.S. has its own set of laws. As citizens of Texas, we abide by the laws set forth by the state. When you experience a car accident in Texas, it’s good to have a general understanding of the laws in place. 

    With a better understanding, you know how these laws determine the outcome of personal injury and insurance claims. As Houston car accident lawyers, our attorneys help auto accident victims navigate these laws. 

    Below, we cover a few basic laws. However, when you want to understand your situation, hire a car accident lawyer Houston trusts. Ideally, your attorney is your advocate, fighting for your best interests. 

    The Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims in Texas

    Per Sec. 16.003 of the Texas statute of limitations on personal injury and negligence, you have two years following the date of your accident to file a claim or lawsuit for a car accident. The time begins with the date of the accident. 

    This applies to injuries related to any type of accident, ranging from pedestrian accidents to motorcycle collisions and bicycle accidents. Moreover, it applies to accidents wherein no one sustains an injury. 

    One major exception to this rule is when the accident involves a minor. 

    Additionally, this statute of limitation covers other personal injury claims. This includes slip and fall accidents and dog bites to rear-end collisions and truck crashes. In our experience as Houston car accident lawyers, the state is quite strict with these deadlines. 

    While certain exceptions are possible, it’s better not to rely on them. That’s why our legal team recommends reaching out to a car accident lawyer soon after the incident occurs. In fact, the sooner you reach out the better. 

    When you fail to meet the deadline and try to file a claim after two years, the defense tends to argue that it bars your claim. They cite the statute and say that you waited too long. Moreover, they have the option to motion for the dismissal of the case. 

    One important note is when the accident involves an uninsured or underinsured driver. In this instance, you have 4 years to file your claim. This is because it technically falls under a breach of contract. 

    Still, no matter the details, it’s always better to act quickly. If you experienced a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact our Houston car accident lawyers as soon as possible. 

    Insurance Requirements in Texas

    As far as it concerns car accidents, the statute of limitations applies to civil lawsuits alone. When you need to contact your own insurance company, it does not necessarily apply. In fact, these deadlines are entirely separate. 

    When you file a claim with your own insurance provider, many companies require that you do so as quickly as possible. However, the details vary and lie within your insurance agreement. If you need help examining the details of the timeline and process in your contract, our Houston car accident lawyers are available to help you review it. 

    Moreover, we are happy to help you file a claim with your own insurance provider to ensure you cover your needs fully. 

    Accidents Involving a Death or Personal Injury

    Per Texas Transportation Code Sec. 550.021., there are certain requirements to how we respond to an accident. For instance, any person involved in an accident likely to result in an injury or a death must immediately stop the vehicle at or near the scene of the accident. 

    If they do not stop at the scene, they must return to it. Once they arrive at the accident, they should determine where anyone involved requires medical attention. Moreover, it’s essential to remain at the scene of the accident. 

    Additionally, when someone stops their vehicle, they need to be careful not to obstruct traffic any more than is necessary. A person commits an offense when they do not comply with these requirements.

    In fact, it is a second-degree felony when it involves death and a third-degree felony when it involves a serious injury. This is punishable by fines, jail time, or both. More than Houston car accident lawyers, our team consists of criminal lawyers. 

    As such, we understand how seriously the state takes auto accidents. That’s why it is essential to respond to an accident appropriately. 

    Immediately Reporting an Accident

    According to Texas Transportation Code Sec. 550.026., it is critical to communicate that an accident occurred to local law enforcement. While there are specifics as to whether you contact the police or sheriff’s department, the simplest solution is to call 911. 

    This is especially true when someone involved requires medical attention. Moreover, it applies whether the accident involves an injury, property damage, or death. 

    If you have questions about the laws surrounding accidents, contact our Houston car accident lawyers today. We are your advocates in the worst of times, and our goal is to ensure you receive the care and compensation you deserve. 

    To gain a better understanding of your claim, schedule a free consultation with our Houston car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand that dealing with an insurance company feels like a chore. However, it’s something that many people have to do at some point. Oftentimes, one of the first questions we hear after an auto accident is how to get in touch with the right person at an insurance company. 

    Is the process different when you’re not at fault? Do I need to tell my insurance company, the other person’s company, or both?

    When someone else’s negligence causes your motor vehicle collision, you generally report it to their insurance company. While it’s a good idea to let your insurance company know, you don’t pursue compensation from them in this case. However, there are certain exceptions, such as when the other driver is uninsured. 

    At Universal Law Group, our Houston car accident lawyers know how quickly this process overwhelms the average person. When you partner with our firm, we handle all communication with the insurance companies on your behalf. As such, it’s a good idea to schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible. 

    How important is insurance after a car accident?

    Every state in the US requires minimum liability insurance for all drivers from car insurance. Even when your policy doesn’t cover your own damages, you have to carry one that covers the injuries of other drivers in the event you cause a collision. When you fail to do so, you face major fines and have to cover the costs out of pocket. 

    On the other hand, when a driver hits you and doesn’t have insurance, it’s important to have options to pursue compensation from your own insurance provider. When you know the accident is not your fault, it’s important to work with Houston car accident lawyers to take the proper legal steps.

    Should I contact the other driver’s insurance company?

    This is important. Do not contact the negligent driver’s insurance company on your own – even when you just want to report the incident. When you have to file a claim against a negligent driver’s insurance policy, your best bet is to work with an auto accident attorney who communicates on your behalf. 

    Oftentimes, insurance providers try to avoid lengthy negotiations and trials by getting people to settle early for less than they deserve. Too often, people contact the other driver’s provider only to receive a lowball offer. Generally, they want you to settle and disappear without draining their profit. 

    Our Houston car accident lawyers ensure that doesn’t happen. 

    Unfortunately, insurance providers rarely prioritize the interests of victims in an accident. Instead, they focus on their policyholders, profits, and shareholders. As such, it is often in your best interest not to accept their initial settlement offer. 

    If the negligent driver’s insurance company calls you with questions, direct them to your attorney. Even when they ask how you are, a simple, polite “I’m okay” gets twisted into an accusation that you’re lying about your injuries. 

    Everything you say to an insurance company matters. That’s why it is crucial to partner with a team of Houston car accident lawyers who advocate for your best interests. 

    Why You Should Partner with an Attorney

    When you partner with an auto accident attorney, you have an advocate on your side. Our legal team represents you in all communication with the other person and their insurance provider. 

    After a car accident, your priority is your health and your future. It’s important not to let a short-term problem overshadow your future. In other words, we handle the insurance so that you can focus on healing. 

    Oftentimes, severe injuries leave people laid up for weeks or months. Dealing with an insurance company only adds unnecessary stress to your life. Still, it’s hard not to worry about the future. 

    As medical bills pile up, you start to feel overwhelmed and wonder what to do. For our Houston car accident lawyers, the goal is to alleviate this concern. We strive to maximize your settlement to protect your future. 

    With an experienced Houston car accident attorney on your side, you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the process. While you stay on track for recovery, they focus on recovering compensation for you. This saves you the hassle of communicating and negotiating with a team of insurance adjusters. 

    How to Negotiate with Insurance Providers

    When you partner with our Houston car accident lawyers, we contact the insurance company and file your claim with a demand letter. This letter states the amount of money we want for your compensation. However, the company rarely pays this amount outright. 

    Oftentimes, insurance providers use an array of tactics to deny or reduce your settlement. For instance, they might downplay the severity of your injuries. Alternatively, they may claim that you exaggerated the total of your expenses. 

    However, you know the truth. The fault lies with the negligent party, and your injuries are as severe as they feel. Furthermore, some injuries change your life and continue to require medical attention. 

    Still, the insurance providers attempt to push back on our demands. Eventually, we enter negotiations with the company, and this process length varies. 

    It’s important to be patient, though. This often involves collecting and highlighting evidence to prove fault and the extent of your injuries. 

    Throughout the process, we keep you informed of new offers. While we advise you at every step, the decision is ultimately yours. You choose when to accept or reject their offer. 

    When you partner with our Houston car accident lawyers, you have the power. Our job is to offer advice and fight on your behalf. Moreover, we cannot accept any offer without your approval. 

    In some cases, rejecting a settlement means we take your case to litigation and into court. At Universal Law Group, our Houston car accident lawyers are practiced trial attorneys who are never afraid to fight for what’s right.

    It’s a scenario our Houston car accident lawyers are all too familiar with. As you head to work or drop the kids off at school, traffic seems to move pretty smoothly. Everything is fine until you look down at the console to check your gas tank. 

    As you bring your eyes back to the road, a small car shoots out of a side street. You try to react, but the other driver doesn’t notice you at all. Your tires screech along the pavement as you try to slow and evade a collision. 

    However, the next thing you hear is the crunch of the impact. When the airbag goes off, you feel the force of it across your face and chest. Then, you faintly hear the sound of shattering glass. 

    You were just in a car accident with a driver that pulled out in front of you. It’s normal, in this situation, to replay the scenario in your head. Moreover, many people wonder who is at fault in this situation. 

    Maybe the police see it one way, not favoring you, but they weren’t present. The other driver came out of nowhere, and you know you had the right of way. If someone tries to reroute the liability to you, you need a team of Houston car accident lawyers on your side to advocate for you.

    Find Out Who Is At Fault

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand how confusing these situations can be. Often, people feel vulnerable and lost because the fault is clear to them. However, an opportunistic individual might try to convince the police of a different story. 

    When the police arrive at the scene, they interview and observe. Then, they come to their own conclusion and put it in a police report. In some cases, they even issue a citation to one or more of the drivers. 

    However, citations and police reports are not the final word on fault in an auto accident. Lawyers often investigate on their own and build evidence to prove true liability in collisions. 

    It’s not always easy to prove fault in an accident where someone pulls out in front of you. Still, our legal team works to investigate claims and analyze the evidence. Even when blame seems obvious, a thorough investigation might uncover evidence to point the fault at the true cause of the accident.

    In many collisions, the authorities jump to conclusions and make snap judgments without taking every aspect of the story into account. As Houston car accident lawyers, we encourage you to avoid phrasing statements in a way that suggests you might have caused the incident. 

    Schedule a free case evaluation with an attorney to protect your rights and your future. 

    Working to Determine Fault

    Our Houston car accident lawyers understand how to find fault in an accident. However, we also know how insurance companies think. Oftentimes, our legal team has to fight to prove even simple claims. 

    When someone pulls out in front of you, one overly simple way to determine fault is to treat it as a rear-end collision. 

    In this instance, the driver who strikes the other vehicle is typically at fault. However, that driver (in this scenario) might have had the right-of-way. The difference here is that in a rear-end collision, the rear driver has the responsibility to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them. 

    By contrast, when someone pulls out in front of another driver, they might have no notice of the other vehicle. To our Houston car accident lawyers, this shows that the driver pulling out is ignoring the right-of-way and acting in negligence. 

    As such, a thorough investigation may connect their liability to your damages and injuries. 

    Piecing Together the Puzzle

    With a Houston auto accident attorney on your side, you have someone to investigate your claim. As we put together the details of the incident, we work to determine fault. There are many crucial details to examine. 

    • Physical evidence of the accident 
    • Speed calculations based on any skid marks
    • Eyewitness accounts of the incident 
    • Roadside sobriety tests

    All of this information is essential to your case. Moreover, people interpret it in different ways. Oftentimes, one of the most valuable pieces of evidence in an accident is the damage done to each vehicle. 

    For instance, damage to the front of a car indicates who struck who and at what angle. Still, it takes far more evidence to determine liability in the case. For example, if someone runs a stop sign and is hit on the side, there’s a good chance the other driver had no opportunity to take evasive action. 

    When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we work to investigate your claim. That means we gather as much detail as possible and piece together the puzzle for you.

    As Houston car accident lawyers, we know the statistics. It’s more likely that someone experiences an auto accident in their life than not. When a negligent driver causes the collision, it’s important for their insurance company to cover the cost of your damages. 

    • Medical costs 
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Compensation for your suffering

    Unfortunately, even with a valid claim, the other driver’s insurance company might refuse to pay. When this happens, you need a car accident lawyer Houston trusts on your side. Your auto accident attorney is your advocate, someone to fight for your future. 

    Oftentimes, insurance companies are slow to pay but settle the claim eventually. In other cases, they flat out deny your claim and refuse to cover your costs. Here are a few ways our Houston car accident lawyers motivate them to resolve your claim. 

    Present them with Evidence

    Many insurance companies are quick to support their policyholder. You might hear a few different things from their representatives. For example, they refuse to examine your car until they hear the other driver’s story. 

    If this happens, our car accident attorney contacts them to provide clear evidence that proves negligence. Part of this process is a deconstruction of the other driver’s explanation of the incident. As our legal team presents evidence, we pick apart the other story and link the other driver’s negligence to your injuries.

    Aggressive Demands

    Oftentimes, insurance companies prioritize profits over people. When the company refuses to pay, it requires aggressive action on the part of our Houston car accident lawyers. As your advocate, our auto accident attorney sets a firm deadline for the settlement. 

    In many cases, a firm, clear demand letter from our legal team is enough motivation. This urges them to process the claim quickly and return with a settlement offer. However, when this offer does not meet your needs, your Houston car accident lawyer starts the negotiation process. 

    Use Your Insurance Policy

    In rare cases, you might turn to your own car insurance policy to receive compensation. Typically, this is not a necessary step unless the other driver has no insurance policy of their own. 

    Mediation & Small Claims Court

    For smaller claims, our Houston car accident lawyers can take the case to small claims court to seek out a resolution. However, we tend to opt for mediation and negotiation instead in order to ensure you receive the level of compensation that you deserve. 

    Take them to Court

    When negotiations don’t result in an appropriate settlement offer or they continually refuse to pay, our team can file a lawsuit on your behalf. In Texas, you have 2 years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. 

    As this firm deadline approaches, your auto accident attorney prepares the paperwork. At Universal Law Group, our legal team has a great deal of experience in courts throughout Houston and Harris County. We understand what it takes to build a strong case, maximize your settlement, and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

    While other Houston car accident lawyers prefer to settle out of court, we use our strategic abilities to pursue your best interests.

    When we think about distracted driving, the statistics about texting while driving are enough to stagger anyone. Across the country, at any given time of the day, roughly 660,000 drivers try to use their phones behind the wheel. 

    While there have always been things to distract drivers, from food and makeup to tapes and CDs, smartphones allow us to connect to the world immediately. Any Houston car accident lawyer can tell you about the dangers of this constant connection. 

    Truly, it imposes serious safety risks for the driver and everyone around them. Moreover, they allow for a broad range of activities to distract drivers. 

    • Checking texts, DMs, and emails
    • Talking on the phone or video calls 
    • Scrolling through social media
    • Trying to search for music or a podcast

    Our Houston car accident lawyers know all too well that distraction rates from phones are far too high. Additionally, we know the risk they pose to other drivers. 

    When you sustain an injury in a collision caused by a distracted driver, you may be eligible for compensation. Call on a car accident attorney from Universal Law Group to discuss your legal options. 

    Phone Statistics

    • The National Safety Council reports that phone use behind the wheel leads to around 1.6 million collisions every year. 
    • Texting while driving leads to accidents that cause almost 400,000 injuries each year. 
    • 1 out of 4 auto accidents in the country is the result of texting and driving. 
    • Texting while driving has 6x the potential to cause an accident over drunk driving. 
    • Responding to a message takes your focus off the road for about 5 seconds. On highways, that’s enough time to move the length of a football field. 
    • Texting while driving results in a 400% increase in the amount of time you spend with your eyes off the road. 
    • Texting is the most dangerous phone-related activity by far. 
    • You are 20 times more likely to cause a car crash texting while driving than not. 

    Texting and Driving: The Consequences

    When you are the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, it’s likely that the responding officer will issue a citation. Luckily, our Houston car accident lawyers are able to use this information to your advantage. 

    Texting while driving is a moving violation. The citation counts as evidence in your auto accident claim. Your car accident attorney uses this information to create a firm link between the other driver’s negligent behavior and your damages. 

    Additionally, that driver faces financial penalties as well as other possible consequences. 

    • Points on their driving record
    • License suspension 
    • Revocation of license 
    • Mandatory safety classes

    Additionally, when texting while driving leads to an injury, the negligent driver faces the potential of time in jail or prison. While these standards and penalties vary, commercial drivers face even stricter consequences. 

    When you partner a Houston car accident attorney at Universal Law Group, we fight to protect your future. Our goal is to build a strong case for your car accident claim. Then, we fight to maximize your settlement. 

    With your best interests in mind, we pursue the best possible outcome of your case. If you sustained an injury in an accident, schedule a free case evaluation with our Houston car accident lawyers today. 

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    Advocates in Your Time of Need

    No matter what the details are in your case, an aggressive car accident attorney is your strongest ally. As your legal counsel, we build a defense in order to protect your rights and minimize your risk. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with everything you need to move forward after an accident.

    Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Car accident claims are complex. When you need to file a lawsuit, our personal injury attorneys can help ensure all negligent parties are held liable.

    Call on the compassionate and knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyers at Universal Law Group today. At your free consultation, we can show you why we are the legal team drivers depend on.