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Texas is tough on crime. Hire an attorney who’s tough on the prosecution!

Being arrested for a crime is not the end of your case. Our Houston criminal defense attorneys will fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Ask for a lawyer immediately and call Universal Law Group. 

Law enforcement uses numerous tactics to get you to admit that you did something wrong. It doesn’t matter to them whether you are innocent or guilty. Their only goal is to close a case; our goal is to protect your freedom

We use proven defense strategies to dismantle their case against you. Criminal penalties in Texas are harsh, and your future is on the line. A knowledgeable Houston Criminal Lawyer from our firm is ready to start your defense now. 

When Results Matter, You Need Skilled Representation

No one plans to be arrested and spend the night in jail. If it happens to you, you need a skilled attorney to protect you. Universal Law Group uses proven defense strategies to build your case. 

For decades, our legal team has fought for the rights of the accused. In that time, we’ve gained unique insight into prosecution strategies and legal defense. We identify weaknesses in the case against you to find the best possible outcome. 

We’ve obtained: 

We protect your rights at every stage of the case. Our focus is on reduced charges and dismissal to protect your freedom. 

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    What to Do If You Are Arrested

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    If you are arrested, remain silent and immediately ask for a Houston criminal attorney. Don’t say anything, sign anything, or make a decision without your attorney present. Never provide excuses or explanations.  

    If the police arrest you, you have the right to a local phone call. Make a call to your lawyer. If you call anyone else, the police can listen to your phone call, and they often do. 

    Your right to remain silent is an essential protection against police manipulation. Police often assume you are guilty and try to convince you to confess. They have different tactics to try, but their only goal is a confession. 

    Your first move should always be to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney.

    Why Choose Universal Law Group?

    There are plenty of attorneys in Houston available to handle criminal cases. However, not all of them have the experience or resources necessary to win your case. Tough criminal attorneys help the accused fight for their freedom. 

    Every Houston criminal lawyer at Universal Law Group has the knowledge, resources, and strategies to fight for your freedom. We enlist private investigators, subject matter experts, and key witnesses to build a strong legal defense and dismantle the prosecution’s case

    Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about how we can fight for your best interests. Call us today to book an appointment. 

    Experienced Former Prosecutors

    Proven Defense Stratgies

    Trial-Tested in State and Federal Court

    Criminal Defense Practice Areas

    No matter what charges you face, our Houston criminal attorney is ready to help. Texas law covers a variety of charges, and we do not shy away from anything. 

    Here are some of the cases we handle: 

    Our criminal defense team handles charges at the State and Federal level. If you need an experienced, tough criminal defense attorney, contact our firm immediately.

    Case Results

    Over the years, we’ve handled a range of charges. The below are examples of cases dismissed, reduced, or resulted in probation with no time served.

    • Misdemeanor Thefts
    • 2nd Assault of Family Member
    • Assault Causes Bodily Injury/Family Violence
    • Assault
    • Interference with Emergency
    • 1st DWI
    • Resisting Arrest Search or Transport
    • 2nd DWI
    • Failure to Stop and Give Information
    • Felony Possession of Controlled Substance
    • Felony Aggravated Assault
    • Fleeing Police Officer
    • Harassment
    • Unlawful of Carrying of Weapon

    When you face criminal charges, you need a tough attorney on your side. A Houston criminal lawyer at Universal Law Group can help you understand your situation and fight to keep you out of jail.

    Our attorneys know Texas defense law

    Managing Partner Brian Nguyen is a former prosecutor with insight into how the Attorney’s Office thinks and works. For over 19 years, he has helped people face down criminal charges in Harris County. Under his guidance, our team of Houston criminal lawyers offers effective, aggressive defense strategies. 

    Brian Nguyen graduated from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law in 2004. Then, he immediately went to work as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County. He has seen both sides of the courtroom, working misdemeanor and felony cases. 

    Other attorneys might storm into the courtroom to rant and rave at the jury. We know there’s nothing more effective than thorough preparation. A calm, confident demeanor can shake the confidence of a prosecutor. 

    When they sense a loss on the line, it means a more favorable outcome for you, the defendant. Our #1 priority is to have your case dismissed or charges reduced. See for yourself how an aggressive defense strategy saves lives. 

    Brian Nguyen attorney

    Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

    7 Reasons to Work With a Skilled Lawyer

    Hiring a Houston criminal lawyer is an important decision for anyone facing criminal charges. Our attorneys provide expertise and guidance that has a significant impact on your case. We use our in-depth legal knowledge and proven defense strategies to help you navigate the legal system. 

    Here are just a few reasons you need an experienced attorney on your case: 

    1. Protection: We hold law enforcement and prosecutors accountable. As your attorney, we ensure they do not violate your rights. If they do, we use it against them to dismiss evidence. 
    2. Discovery: We ensure complete discovery so that the prosecution can’t hide evidence from you, intentionally or otherwise. 
    3. Defense Strategy: You need a solid strategy to gain a favorable outcome. We analyze evidence and interview witnesses to identify inconsistencies that collapse the State’s case.
    4. Support: Criminal investigations take a toll on the accused. We are your advocates and counselors throughout the process. 
    5. Pretrial Motions: We use pretrial motions to weaken the prosecution’s case. Excluding key evidence can mean the immediate end of the case against you. 
    6. Negotiations: We are skilled negotiators who know how to pinpoint weaknesses. Through negotiations, we seek to dismiss charges, reduce penalties, and seek out alternative sentencing.
    7. Trial Experience: We are proven trial attorneys who never shy away from a tough case. 

    When your freedom is on the line, it’s not the time to cut corners. Don’t the prosecutors or law enforcement scare you into an unfavorable deal. If you feel backed into a corner, we’re here to help you fight your way out.

    What Are the Penalties for Criminal Charges in Texas?

    Under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the penalties vary. The severity of the charges dictates how harsh the penalties are for your case. For example, the fines for a misdemeanor theft charge are minuscule compared to assault. 

    Here are the usual penalties: 

    • Fines
    • Jail time
    • Incarceration
    • Probation 
    • Restrictions on activity
    • A criminal record
    • Loss of rights (in felony cases)

    Judges also have the flexibility to determine the consequences you face based on the outcome of your trial. However, all of the penalties in Texas are substantial. Any criminal charge has the potential to change your life. 

    Many employers perform a criminal background check on prospective employees. Any sort of record can prevent your access to jobs, housing, and other fundamental needs. Work with an attorney who fights to keep your record clean.

    Do I need a Houston Criminal Lawyer If I’m Innocent?

    If you face charges for a crime you did not commit, you might think you don’t need a criminal defense attorney. Why would you need a lawyer when innocence is on your side?

    It’s important to remember that the police and prosecutors want to solve a crime. Unfortunately, this drive means they build a case against you regardless of your innocence.

    With a lawyer, you have someone to protect your rights. Our lawyers ensure that police and prosecutors don’t take advantage of you. Moreover, we ensure that we convey the evidence of your innocence in the most impactful way possible.

    Houston criminal defense lawyers explain your innocence to those who want you to be guilty. In other words, we build a case for your innocence by amassing facts and details that support your claim.

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    Trial-Ready Houston Criminal Lawyer

    Fight for Your Freedom

    Criminal charges carry profound implications and consequences. If you face charges, you need an advocate who knows how to solve problems. Houston criminal lawyers know the law and has the experience and ability to make it work to your advantage.

    Moreover, we understand how to competently and effectively build your defense with aggressive representation throughout the criminal justice process. Experience is invaluable when it comes to defense, and our team has the experience of a former state prosecutor on our side.

    Therefore, we have the ability to analyze cases from the perspective of defense and prosecution. With our team of experienced criminal trial attorneys, you have advocates to fight for your future.
    Schedule your free case evaluation today.

    *Consultation fees may be waived on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the reviewing attorney.