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A divorce is a stressful experience. Often, it’s one of the most difficult experiences of someone’s life.

Intense emotions stir up feelings and cloud your judgment. Moreover, it has a major impact on your financial future.

That’s why compassionate, aggressive representation is essential in any divorce proceeding. Schedule a free evaluation with our attorneys to protect your interests.

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    Divorce Attorneys in Houston, Texas

    At Universal Law Group, our Houston divorce attorneys believe it’s essential for our clients to understand their rights. With the right attorney, you have someone to guide you through the process from beginning to end. Moreover, you have someone to offer advice in tough situations.

    Throughout the divorce process, we ensure you have everything you need to make the best decisions for your future and your family. As experienced family law attorneys, we provide personalized representation with open communication.

    Whenever you have a question about the process, we strive to provide you with a clear understanding of your position. Additionally, when problems arise, we seek the best solution for your case. Through mediation and court proceedings, we offer quality representation as your advocates.

    Contact our team today to schedule a free case evaluation. Learn more about the process, your rights, and how to protect your future. Let our attorneys protect your rights. 

    Contested & Uncontested Divorce Representation

    Experienced Divorce Lawyers

    Mediation & Negotiation

    The Divorce Lawyer Houston Relies On

    Divorce Lawyers Houston

    Through a divorce, you hope to improve things in your life and the lives of your family. Our family lawyers work closely with you to ensure you have the information you need. When you stay informed, you make better decisions for yourself, your children, and any property you have.

    In the early stages of the process, we offer an honest, thorough evaluation of your circumstances. From there, we offer clear insight on how to move forward.

    As Houston divorce lawyers, we also want to empower and educate you. In Texas, the divorce process is complex. From child custody and support to the division of property, it also draws out a lot of emotion. As your advocates, we help you maintain a clear vision and make informed decisions.

    contested divorce lawyer in houston

    Contested Divorce

    In a contested divorce, the spouses do not reach an agreement on an array of issues. Oftentimes, this process is much more involved in comparison to an uncontested divorce.

    However, while “contested” sounds frustrating, an amicable resolution is still possible. With our divorce lawyer, Houstonians gain experience and expertise. You have an advocate well-versed in these matters who strives for a smooth, clear process.

    Generally speaking, many contested divorces reach a resolution through mediation. With an experienced attorney, you have someone to negotiate a fair and favorable outcome. We strive to remove emotion from the conversation and focus on the legal rights of you and your spouse.

    Uncontested Divorce

    In an uncontested divorce, both parties strive to remove the emotion from the process. While it may sound strange, the goal is to treat it as a business transaction. In doing so, we avoid drawn-out litigation.

    With an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree to the separation based on “in-supportability.” In some cases, we also refer to this as a no-fault divorce. Typically, the process is simple and straightforward because the spouses agree on every matter.

    • Child custody and visitation rights
    • Support
    • Division of property

    Generally, this is an efficient, less expensive means of divorce. However, for it to work, it’s essential to agree on every matter. In Texas, it’s possible to finalize an uncontested divorce on the 61st day after you file the original petition. This is because Texas requires a 60-day waiting period when you petition for divorce.

    uncontested divorce attorney houston

    High Net Worth Divorce

    In a high net worth divorce, both parties accumulate substantial assets throughout the course of the marriage. With an experienced divorce lawyer, Houston’s high net worth divorces don’t need to be complex.

    However, the proceedings differ from standard divorce proceedings. That’s why the guidance of an experienced Houston divorce attorney is essential. With an advocate on your side, you have someone to guide you through these difficult waters.

    Oftentimes, there are multiple assets to divide.

    • Stocks and bonds
    • Retirement accounts
    • Businesses

    Generally, these matters require an analysis of complex legal documents. Still, with the right representation, you establish an equitable, fair division of property.

    Modifications & Divorce Decrees

    In certain cases, the agreements and provisions of divorce no longer meet your best interests after some time. Whether you want a change in visitation or child support, a Houston divorce lawyer advocates for you.

    When you face or require a substantial change to your agreement, it’s a good idea to seek out a divorce attorney in Houston. As your advocate, they help you modify the decree to protect your interests.

    Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Houstonians Count On

      When you want to hire a Houston divorce lawyer, it’s essential to find someone with experience. Moreover, you need a team that offers compassionate guidance and personalized representation. As a full-service law firm, Universal Law Group family lawyers have access to a broad spectrum of legal expertise. No matter what your situation involves, we have the resources necessary to solve your problem.

      In Texas, family law and divorce are complex and challenging. As such, you need an attorney with a strong understanding of the family court systems throughout the Greater Houston Area. Every court has a subset of rules and processes to follow. This influences your decision to settle out of court or take the issue to a judge.

      Divorce Lawyer Houston FAQ

      Oftentimes, each spouse bears the responsibility for their own attorney fees and costs of litigation. However, the court does have the power to require someone to cover some or all of the other party’s attorney fees.

      Whether this happens depends on the financial resources available to each party. The facts of the case also factor into this decision. Additionally, it’s possible for either party to make this request. Then, the decision falls to judge whether they order it or not.

      When the court renders a judgment for these fees, the party pays directly to the attorney. From there, it’s on the law firm to enforce the judgment for debt.

      If you receive an “Original Petition for Divorce,” you become the “Respondent” in your case. With a divorce lawyer, Houston Respondents know when and how to act to protect themselves. When you act quickly, you avoid a default judgment.

      Moreover, refusal to participate in the process prevents your spouse from achieving the divorce. Once someone serves you papers, you have about 20 days to file a response and make an appearance.

      If you fail to appear within this time period, your spouse has the option to move forward with a Default hearing. Often, in this instance, the court grants every request they make. That means the court awards property and rights related to your children.

      That’s why it is essential for you to protect your rights and best interests. When you work with a Houston divorce attorney, you have a few options.

      • Request a temporary order hearing
      • File a counterclaim to seek relief from the divorce court

      Unfortunately, this popular pastime has the potential to impact your case. It’s essential to understand that anything you post online carries potential consequences. Per a survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, over a 5-year period, 81% of its member used or faced social media evidence in divorce proceedings.

      From a legal standpoint, information on social media is discoverable in Texas. Here are a few tips to prevent a negative impact on your divorce.

      • De-activate your profiles
      • Update your passwords
      • Change your privacy settings to hide posts
      • Be wary of your “friends” list – additionally your “close friends” on Instagram
      • Think hard before you post
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      Divorce Lawyer Houston

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      At Universal Law Group, we are a full-service law firm. This offers our clients a depth of legal expertise and experience most law firms lack.

      With our divorce lawyer, Houstonians gain a compassionate, aggressive expert who offers personalized representation. In any family law matter, the details are essential. There’s no universal solution to your legal problems.

      When you need an advocate on your side, trust the Houston divorce lawyers at Universal Law Group. Schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team to see what we can do for you.

      *Consultation fees may be waived on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the reviewing attorney.