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Across the world, they form the building blocks of society. Good relationships elevate us to new heights. Yet, when relationships sour, they take us to new lows.

Along with this fragility comes emotion that drives us to extremes. When the strain in relationships becomes too much to handle, seek the guidance of a Houston family law lawyer. Schedule a free case evaluation today.

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    The Family Law Attorney Houston Trusts

    When family relationships strain, it’s difficult for those involved to resolve disputes themselves. Oftentimes, this stress extends far beyond them. In these cases, it disrupts the lives of those around them as well. At Universal Law Group, we are more than a personal injury law firm.

    We specialize in family law in Texas as well as California. As experienced family law lawyers, we offer our clients the highest level of service at affordable rates. Moreover, we specialize in a spectrum of family law matters.

    Oftentimes, people associate divorce with a family law attorney. Houstonians rely on us to solve so many other problems, though. As such, we offer legal assistance on a broad range of issues that disrupt family life.

    • Adoption
    • Child custody
    • Child support
    • Divorce
    • Domestic violence
    • Paternity
    • Pre-nuptial agreements
    • Post-nuptial agreements
    • Severance of parental rights

    When a family conflict involves the state or requires legal action, it’s essential to seek representation. Moreover, it’s crucial to find a family law attorney Houston trusts with such intimate matters.

    At Universal Law Group, our attorneys offer professional, experienced, and compassionate services. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the full needs of our clients. We have the experience necessary to work through conflicts for our clients. In mediation, arbitration, and litigation, we never lose sight of your best interests.

    Suits Affecting Parent/Child Relationship

    Aggressive and Experienced Divorce Lawyers

    Adoptions & Prenuptial Agreements

    Family Law Lawyers with Focus & Compassion

    At our family law firm in Houston, we treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Moreover, we offer personalized attention to every case we take. As civil litigation attorneys, we have experience with a broad spectrum of legal matters. Across them all, it takes a personal approach to understand your best interests.

    When you schedule a free case evaluation* with our team, we cover the details of our case. It’s essential that we fully understand the circumstances of your case. From there, we help you understand your legal options and work to attain the best outcome possible.

    Throughout your case, we offer skilled and compassionate representation. Often, family law matters require a broader understanding of real estate, inheritance, division of assets, and more. Because we are a full-service law firm, we have a deeper understanding of these matters. That’s why Houstonians rely on us to solve problems.


    Whether amicable or hostile, a divorce has a long-term impact on an entire family. This is especially true in cases that involve children. With a family law attorney, Houston families have someone to help them work towards a harmonious resolution.

    When harmony seems impossible, we protect your rights and seek a fair and just result. Whether you file for divorce or receive papers, the end of a marriage is a complex, emotional process. Oftentimes, it requires several difficult decisions.

    • Fair division of assets
    • Negotiation of child support and/or alimony
    • Development of a child support plan

    Among these and other issues, disputes elevate quickly. At times, this leads to a contested divorce. At Universal Law Group, our Houston family law attorney has experience with both contested and uncontested divorce.

    No matter the circumstances of your case, we fight to protect your rights. As divorce lawyers, we fight for fair child custody, support, and property division. Based on your specific needs, we develop a personalized strategy to protect your interests. Moreover, we ensure stability in the lives of you and your children.

    Child Custody & Visitation

    In terms of custody and visitation, Texas law uses “conservatorship” and “possession and access.” Also, the courts require that outline a parenting plan in addition to other specialty forms in these cases. When in need of a family law attorney, Houstonians rely on the legal team at Universal Law Group.

    As practiced family attorneys, we guide our clients through the complex language and forms of this process. In doing so, we establish and preserve the best interests of you and your children. Beyond legal custody, you have the right to physical custody.

    This means you have the ability to make those day-to-day decisions in your child’s life. Additionally, it means you have the right to spend time together. Regardless of gender, all parents have the same rights when it comes to a child custody case.

    Typically, we strive to resolve child custody matters out of court. However, when negotiations break down, we have the experience necessary to go to court. As family law lawyers, we take the time to get to know you and your parenting style.

    With a thorough evaluation of your circumstances, we craft a custody strategy to address your goals as a parent and your child’s best interests. Generally, this strategy begins with mediation. However, we fight in court hearings when necessary.

    At Universal Law Group, we are the family law attorney Houston counts on to settle things peacefully. Whether you experience custody issues in divorce or separation or as an unmarried couple, trust our experts. Additionally, we understand matters that include relocation, modification of orders, and grandparents’ rights.

    Adoption + Houston Family Lawyers

    Similar to custody, adoption is rarely a clear matter. Any case that involves a child is subject to numerous legal and bureaucratic complexities. When you work with our Houston family law attorney, you have a guide through the entirety of the adoption process.

    Our legal team prepares all the necessary documentation and represents you at any adoption hearings. When challenges to the adoption arise, we act as your advocates. We fight to protect your rights as well as the best interests of your child.

    Whether you adopt a child or place a child up for adoption, it’s a momentous, difficult decision. Moreover, they both involve numerous legal procedures. Without proper representation, you leave yourself to the whims of others.

    Additionally, it’s essential to structure the adoption so that it best suits your interests. Depending on your uniques situation, this involves either an open adoption or closed adoption. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    With our family law attorney, Houston families have the protection they need. The adoption process requires the guidance of an experienced family lawyer. At Universal Law Group, our team provides compassionate, practical legal advice. Let us help you through the often frustrating adoption process.

    Family Law Attorney Houston FAQ

    Oftentimes, it’s beneficial to hire a family law attorney. Houston families don’t require representation in every matter, of course. However, it’s easy to grow overwhelmed by Texas family law statutes. When you have a lawyer to mediate matters, they understand how to interpret laws that apply to your situation.

    Even simple matters involve complex requirements and mountains of paperwork. With an attorney, you have someone to ensure you follow all procedures and meet all deadlines.

    In a contested matter, it is essential to work with a Houston family law lawyer. This ranges from modifications to custody orders to divorce. Even when your family case does not go to court, it often requires negotiations. To reach a fair resolution, you need an advocate on your side.

    As a trusted family law attorney, Houston families rely on us for many forms of protection. If you suffer in a domestic abuse situation, we offer representation to help you attain a protective order.

    Protective orders help to ensure your safety in life. Whether at home, school, or work, you have the right to live safely with peace of mind. When your abuser violates a protective order, they may be subject to criminal charges.

    At Universal Law Group, our Houston family lawyers take domestic abuse cases seriously. If you suffer from abuse or domestic violence, seek the help of a local family law attorney. When you have representation, you have someone to help you develop an exit strategy, file for divorce and custody, and rebuild.

    When you schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team, trust that everything remains confidential. Entrust our family lawyer serving Houston, TX with your case.

    If you want a divorce, your first question is likely whether you have the option. While celebrity news makes divorce seem easy, Texas courts require that couples have solid grounds for it. With a family law attorney, Houston residents have more guidance to help them navigate this process. 

    In order to attain a divorce, you have to raise and prove at least one “ground” for the court. The state places these grounds into two categories:

    • Fault 
    • No-fault

    These might seem minute at first, but they play an important role for the purposes of division of property, maintenances awards, and parental rights. 

    Fault Divorce

    A fault divorce requires the individual who requests the divorce to prove the other person did something wrong. There are several options available in this category. Generally, proof comes in the form of testimony, documentation from a private investigator, etc. 

    While this type of divorce is a bit less common due to the ease of the no-fault process, they are an option. When you partner with a family law attorney, Houston has someone to explain the benefits of this form of divorce. 

    The most common grounds in a fault divorce include the following. 

    • Cruelty
    • Adultery 
    • Felony criminal conviction 
    • Abandonment 

    However, these are not the only reasons. Generally, there are many reasons behind a fault divorce. Some less common examples include these options. 

    • Alcoholism or substance abuse 
    • Infertility 
    • Impotency 
    • Sexual preference
    • Religious or cultural differences 
    • Financial issues (when one spouse is unwilling to provide support)

    No-Fault Divorce

    Since the 1960s, this type of divorce has become far more common. Generally speaking, this is because they require less time and money. Additionally, they do not require the party requesting a divorce to prove anything in particular. 

    Oftentimes, people want to avoid the muddying of names that comes with a fault divorce. Moreover, if the records become public, it makes those intimate details accessible to anyone. 

    Typically, the person who files for divorce does not need specific reasons for the court to grant a no-fault divorce. However, you still have to show why the court should grant the divorce. When you work with a family law attorney Houston trusts, you have an advocate on your side to help. 

    Here are some of the most common grounds for a no-fault divorce. 

    • Insupportability (the marriage is no longer endurable) 
    • Living apart for at least 3 years 
    • Confinement in a mental hospital 

    With a Nguyen & Chen Family Law Attorney, Houston Has Help

    Every situation is unique when it comes to divorce, adoption, and other family matters. No matter what happens, it’s important to seek the help of a qualified family law attorney Houston can count on. 

    At Nguyen & Chen, we understand how intimate and difficult family issues are. That’s why we approach every case with the empathy and understanding that you deserve. At our full-service law firm, we protect the rights of families across the Greater Houston Area. 

    Schedule a free consultation with our team today to learn more about your rights and options. 

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