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    Commercial Litigation with Experience

    When you need a Houston civil litigation attorney, you need a team with experience and expertise. As litigators, we have handled cases on various legal matters, offering persuasive representation for our clients’ claims.

    • Breach of contract
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Fraud
    • Deceptive trade practices
    • Landlord-tenant disputes
    • Negligence
    • Trade secret misappropriation
    • Wrongful termination
    • Debt collection
    • Unfair competition
    • Unauthorized disclosure

    Through a continual court presence, we remain current on court rulings. This experience allows us to develop compelling arguments for our clients personalized to the details of their trial. More than car accident attorneys, we offer full-service solutions. 

    When local businesses and individuals need a civil lawyer, Houston relies on the team at Universal Law Group. 

    Civil Law Attorneys in Houston, Texas

    Occasionally, protecting yourself requires legal action. For example, when you cannot resolve a dispute, you can file a lawsuit and collect damages from the other party.

    On the other hand, when someone else decides to sue you, it is essential to defend yourself. With our Houston civil litigation attorney, we file civil claims for a broad range of disputes. When you need to protect your rights, seek the representation of an experienced legal team.

    At Universal Law Group, our team has extensive courtroom and trial experience. From individuals to corporations, we have years of experience mediating and settling disputes between parties. Moreover, we have an excellent history of trial success.

    Representing both defendants and plaintiffs throughout Houston, our civil litigation lawyers successfully try cases to verdict. When you have a civil claim against an individual, a business, or any other entity, or when someone sues you, schedule a free case evaluation with our team.

    Remember, you always have options. All you need is the right advocate on your side.

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    Types of Claims Our Houston Civil Litigation Attorney Handles

    At Universal Law Group, our team has experience with many trials at State and Federal trials and appellate courts. With our civil law attorney, Houstonians have a better chance to protect their rights and reputations.

    We represent clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, throughout the Greater Houston Area in an array of practice areas and are ready to protect your rights and reputation.

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    Business Litigation

    When business disputes arise in Houston, TX, we represent businesses of all sizes in civil disputes. Generally, commercial litigation varies across an array of complex topics. From breach of contract to theft of trade secrets, our Houston civil litigation lawyers provide aggressive representation.

    Whether your claim is against a company, government entity, or a group of individuals, lawsuits create massive business issues. Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets as a business or professional.

    Whether you need to protect yourself from a lawsuit or hold someone accountable, you need a commercial litigation expert who understands how to handle a dispute effectively.

    Real Estate Litigation

    The real estate industry is a magnet for civil litigation. Often, disputes arise in transactions or through conflicts between landlords and tenants or co-owners. Moreover, the high stakes of these issues often rapidly escalate into threats of lawsuits, liens, and foreclosures.

    When threats overshadow more practical solutions, working with a Houston civil litigation attorney with experience in mediation is essential. Our civil litigation law firm’s litigators offer swift intervention to resolve real estate disputes.

    However, when you need to position yourself for litigation, we have the experience and expertise to develop a persuasive, aggressive strategy.

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    Employment Law Litigation

    Employment law is a complex and emotional sector. Often, these claims are subject to dramatic change. Moreover, there is a myriad of laws and regulations that come into play. Unfortunately, this places a heavy burden on employees and employers alike.

    When employment issues impact the well-being and livelihood of employees, it also affects the success of the companies for whom they work. Legal disputes between workers and employers often snowball into highly charged personal conflicts. As such, reaching a resolution takes work.

    houston civil law attorney

    You need a Houston civil litigation attorney who understands these laws and regulations to resolve employment litigation issues. Then, through careful case analysis and an understanding of those involved, we work to settle these disputes before they have to go to trial.

    However, when we cannot reach a resolution, we are no strangers to the courtroom. Whether employer or employee, our team is ready to fight for you.

    A Houston Civil Litigation Attorney That’s Good for Business

    When you work with a Houston civil law attorney, you need someone who understands your situation. At Universal Law Group, our legal team takes on challenging disputes and serious damage claims. In many cases, the future of a business or career hangs on the outcome of your case. 

    You deserve experienced effective legal representation. As a Houston civil law firm, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base. This experience helps to inform our clients’ decisions. Additionally, we have the resources and tools necessary to analyze and develop successful cases and defenses. 

    At Universal Law Group, we are thorough in our investigations. Our top priority is to pursue your best interests. Therefore, we strive to ensure you have all the relevant information. Moreover, we help you find the best path forward. 

    Schedule an evaluation with a Houston civil law attorney at Universal Law Group today. 

    Litigation with Courtroom Experience

    At Universal Law Group, our legal team represents plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of civil areas. From tort claims and constitutional claims to bad faith insurance and civil rights, we help our clients seek justice. 

    Often, the best path toward a good resolution is to settle out of court. Our goal is always to reach a timely conclusion. However, there’s often too much at stake and too many obstacles. 

    As such, some cases require a trial. Whether with a judge or jury, trust in the flexibility and dedication of our legal team. Your end goal is always our focus.

    Houston Civil Litigation Attorney FAQ

    When this happens in Houston, civil litigation lawyers at Universal Law Group are ready to help you discuss your options. Most importantly, it is essential to act quickly.

    Generally speaking, there are specific procedures to follow and deadlines to meet when someone follows a lawsuit with the court. As experienced civil lawyers in Houston, we offer guidance through each step. Moreover, we help you process and draft the required documents in order to protect your rights.

    In the United States, you have the right to represent yourself in court. While the court occasionally shows some leniency toward those who represent themselves, there is no guarantee they will. Although it seems less expensive than working with a Houston civil lawyer, it often costs more in the end.

    Depending on your situation, cases involve a spectrum of legal theories and complicated issues of proof. Moreover, the trial process requires you to adhere to many procedural rules. These include discovery, filing deadlines, motions, and more, all of which easily overwhelm those without experience in court.

    With a Houston civil litigation attorney, you have a guide throughout this process. Moreover, you have someone to help you avoid missteps that leave you vulnerable.

    When it comes to whether to hire a civil law attorney, Houston attorneys often offer a free consultation. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your legal options and evaluate an attorney’s strategy. 

    If you think you need legal representation, here are a few reasons to meet with a Houston civil litigation attorney. 

    Help Navigating the Law

    It takes experience and expertise to protect yourself. This is true even when you have a basic understanding of legal procedures. When you have an advocate on your side, you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the court system. 

    An experienced civil lawyer clearly explains fine print in documents. Moreover, they help you understand your options and the ramifications of each decision. 

    Self-Representation Means a Higher Chance of Loss

    While you have the option to represent yourself, it’s rarely advisable. This is true for criminal cases, family mediation, and personal injury claims. Compared to criminal cases, the burden of proof is far lower in civil cases. 

    That means the other party requires less evidence or argument to disprove your position. When they have legal representation on their side, your Houston civil litigation attorney evens the odds. 

    It Potentially Costs You More

    Oftentimes, people use cost as a reason to forego a civil lawyer. Houston professionals and residents tend to believe they can save money when they represent themselves. 

    However, it’s crucial to consider the financial and legal costs. In many cases, a lack of legal representation ends up costing people more after a trial. When you don’t fully understand the law or legal process, it’s a great idea to have an advocate on your team. 

    Additionally, some cases, such as car accident claims, allow you to cover your legal fees in the settlement. When you work with an attorney, they strive to maximize your settlement in your best interest. 

    Protect Your Business Now & in the Future

    Owning a business comes with an array of legal risks. Whether you want to start a business or face a dispute, your attorney works to protect your interests. 

    Moreover, a Houston civil litigation attorney works proactively. That means they lay a foundation now to protect you in the future. This is especially useful when you want to start a business and prevent legal issues down the line.

    Proper Filing & Processing

    Civil law cases involve far more than court proceedings. Often, they require legal procedures and documents people never see outside the field. With a civil litigation lawyer, Houstonians have someone to ensure the following. 

    • Meet every deadline 
    • Properly fill out and file documents
    • Follow all legal procedures

    Throughout your case, your lawyer follows the process with precision. This is essential in any civil case. When you fail to follow procedures or meet a deadline, it has the potential to delay your case. Even worse, there’s the potential the court throws it out altogether. 

    Do You Need a Houston Civil Litigation Attorney?

    At Universal Law Group, we are a full-service law firm with a specialization in Texas civil law. For years, we have provided personalized legal assistance to our clients across the Greater Houston Area. 

    With our civil litigation attorneys, Houston businesses and resident have a team of advocates on their side. When you need advice and insights specific to your case, schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team. 

    Let us help you resolve your disputes in the most efficient, effective way that follows your best interests. 

    When working with a civil litigation attorney, Houstonians have someone to guide them through the legal process. Civil lawsuits differ from other lawsuits in that the basis isn’t criminal. Generally speaking, a plaintiff initiates a lawsuit against the defendant. The root of the complaint tends to be in a contractual disagreement. 

    Oftentimes, the plaintiff wants to recover money or assets. Alternatively, they may wish to bar certain behaviors or actions. Below, we take a look at the civil litigation process. 

    If you require representation, schedule a consultation with a Houston civil litigation lawyer at Universal Law Group. We help people protect their rights, assets, and reputations in an array of legal matters. 

    Step 1: Consultations

    Whether you want to go to court or need to defend yourself, it’s good to have legal representation. With an attorney, you have someone to determine the validity of your case. Moreover, they help you determine the best path forward. 

    When you schedule a consultation with our civil lawyers, our meeting is completely confidential. This allows you to confide the details of your case with a Houston civil litigation attorney at our firm. From there, we help you file your case in the appropriate court. 

    Step 2: Pleading

    Once you attain representation, you file your complaint with the court and serve the defendant with a copy. In this complaint, you describe the injury or damages, explain the connection to the defendant, and show that the court has jurisdiction. Additionally, it asks the court to provide relief. 

    Afterward, the defendant has an opportunity to answers with a counter-claim. When someone files a complaint against you, your attorney works with you to determine whether a counter-claim is viable. With a civil litigation lawyer, Houston defendants have an added layer of protection from wrongful claims. 

    Step 3: Discovery

    After the pleadings, both parties begin to build their cases. The goal is to enter the trial with as much information as possible. Typically, this is the longest part of the civil litigation process. With a civil litigation attorney, Houstonians have someone to thoroughly investigate their claim. 

    In some cases, there’s the potential to reach a favorable resolution before going to court. Through mediation and negotiation, we pursue your best interests. In contracts that require arbitration, both parties must settle before going to court. As we work to maximize your settlement, our Houston civil litigation lawyers strive to settle favorably. 

    However, when the other party refuses to offer a settlement that meets your needs, we are not afraid to take the fight to court. The pursuit of your best interests is one of the main benefits of a civil litigation attorney. Houston businesses and professionals gain an advocate to fight for their future. 

    Step 4: Trial

    At the beginning of the trial process, both parties file a brief. This document describes their argument as well as the evidence they intend to present. In the trial, the attorneys present the case to either a judge or jury. 

    This begins with opening statements, which outline the arguments. Then, they present evidence and call witnesses as necessary. After presenting the case in full, the parties make their closing statements. 

    Step 5: Verdict

    Depending on the type of trial, the judge or jury deliberates the case. Then, they decide the verdict. From there, there’s the potential to motion for a new trial in order to challenge the verdict. 

    Generally, this is common during jury trials. The challenging lawyer often uses the claim that the jury doesn’t understand the law or the legal definitions involved. With a civil attorney, Houstonians have someone to guide them through this decision. 

    Step 6: Appeal

    When someone doesn’t agree with the verdict, they have the right to appeal. To do so, they present their case at an appellate court. Then, the court reviews the lawsuit for any discrepancies. 

    In their investigation, they either affirm the verdict or identify an error. When they find an error, they either reverse the verdict or order a new trial. 

    A Civil Litigation Attorney Houston Can Trust

    Evey civil lawsuit is different. Moreover, there is no universal timeline for every case. Even the initial step of filing your lawsuit takes quite a bit of time. 

    However, your Houston civil litigation attorney at Universal Law Group works diligently to help you throughout your case. Our goal is to resolve your situation with your best interests in mind. 

    Generally speaking, a civil lawsuit is a court-based process that allows one party to hold another party liable for a wrongful act or some form of harm. Typically, when Person A successfully sues Person B, they receive compensation for the harm caused by B’s actions. 

    Additionally, it’s important to remember that you have the right to file a lawsuit against a business or other entity. Conversely, a business has the same right. 

    With this in mind, your Houston civil litigation attorney files your claim over some form of dispute. This includes a broad spectrum of disputes that range from contractual issues to motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, they include a vast array of other disputes or harms.  

    Unlike criminal cases, which seek to punish someone for a crime, a civil lawyer seeks compensation for their client. Typically, this comes in the form of monetary damages. 

    Civil Cases Vs Criminal Cases

    The work of a civil law attorney differs from criminal defense in many ways. Here are a few examples. 

    Anyone can file a civil suit. 

    With a civil lawyer, Houstonians have the option to file a suit as a private party. This includes individuals and businesses that allegedly suffer some form of harm or damage. 

    In contrast, only a prosecutor or other lawyer who represents the local government can file a criminal case. 

    The burden of proof is much lighter. 

    This makes it easier on one side and more difficult on the other. In a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This means it tends to be more likely that the allegations of the plaintiff reflect reality. 

    As such, the plaintiff has a lighter burden while the defense requires a stronger case. That’s when a Houston civil litigation attorney helps. With a civil law attorney on your side, you have an advocate to build a defense to protect your rights. 

    Conversely, a criminal case requires that the government prove guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Generally speaking, this is a much more difficult standard to meet. 

    In a civil case, the loser pays in dollars instead of jail time.

    In a civil lawsuit, the standard measure of damages is in monetary terms. Typically, a plaintiff asks the court to judge in their favor. This judgment comes with a court order that entitles the plaintiff to certain damages. 

    In a criminal case, a conviction usually means jail time, probation, community service, fines, or some combination. 

    A Houston Civil Litigation Attorney Can Help You

    As a full-service law firm, we work with a Houston civil lawyer as well as experienced criminal defense lawyers. 

    When you require representation, trust in the experience and expertise of our legal team. Whether you need to hold someone accountable or build a strong defense, we are the advocates you need. Call a Houston civil litigation attorney at Universal Law Group now to schedule a free case evaluation today. 

    When you work with a Houston civil litigation attorney from Universal Law Group, you have an advocate on your side to guide you throughout the litigation process. For breach of contract claims, Texas law provides a legal remedy when one party fails to meet the terms of the agreement. 

    In Texas, this is a civil action. Often, it requires legal expertise in order to navigate the specifics of the contract. This is because the requirements of the claim include the following. 

    • The existence of a valid written or oral contract. This validity hinges on whether the contract contains an offer, acceptance of the offer, and consideration (each party offers something of value).
    • One party adhered to the terms of the contract. 
    • The other party failed to fulfill the terms of the contract. 
    • This failure resulted in damages. 

    Types of Breaches 

    Here are a few common examples that constitute a breach of contract in Texas. 

    • When someone signs a contract under duress (blackmail, threat, or significant pressure)
    • If one party misrepresents the facts in order to convince someone to sign a contract. This includes concealing, withholding, or misrepresenting information, all of which void the contract. 
    • Impossibility of performance, wherein someone is unable to fulfill the contract due to uncontrollable circumstances. Examples include the death of a provider, the passage of a law that makes the service illegal, or destruction of a necessary property. 

    Generally, it’s essential to file a contract breach claim within four years. However, some contracts limit this to two years. When you file a claim after the designated time period, it is invalid.

    If you feel that someone breached the terms of a contract, contact a Houston civil litigation attorney at Universal Law Group. Our legal experts are your problem solvers. 

    Unenforceable Contracts

    There are some contracts that the courts are unable to enforce. When someone breaks these contracts, it does not constitute a breach because the contract itself is not valid. 

    Here are a few examples. 

    • Mutual mistakes within the contract (errors or subject matter) cause someone not to meet their obligations. 
    • Mistaken belief, wherein neither party understands the contract terms
    • A new agreement replaces the original contract 
    • In lieu of fulfillment, the plaintiff accepts an alternative payment, discharging original obligations 
    • Oral contracts in situations that require written contracts, such as real estate agreements
    • Cases where the plaintiff approves the defendant’s action or lack of action
    • Contracts signed without required terms such as duration, pricing, etc.

    Get Help from a Houston Civil Litigation Attorney

    When you work with a Houston civil litigation attorney at Nguyen & Chen, you have an advocate and a problem solver on your side. If you need help with a breach of contract in Texas, schedule a consultation with our team today. 

    Our consultations are free and confidential. As a full-service law firm, we help people solve issues throughout the Greater Houston Area. Call us today to see what our legal team can do for you. 

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    Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys

    Your Advocates to Protect Your Rights

    At Universal Law Group, our Houston civil litigation lawyers have the experience and expertise to prosecute and defend against legal actions successfully. Likewise, we have helped many clients achieve their objectives through negotiations and arbitrations. 

    As veterans in the court system, we know when it makes sense to take the fight to court. Moreover, we understand when a properly worded letter or phone call is more effective and efficient than a lawsuit. 

    No matter the level of representation you require, when it comes to civil litigation attorneys, Houstonians trust in the experience of our team. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your options with an experienced litigator.