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Our appellate attorneys in Houston, TX play a critical role in the civil appeals process. When you need to challenge a decision or defend your successful verdict, our civil appeal attorneys protect your best interests. To learn more about your options and start the Texas appeal process, call our firm today at 832-767-0339.

Civil Appeals in Houston, TX

We Are Your Advocates in the Texas Court of Appeals.

In civil cases, a trial court is not the end of the line. After trial courts issue a verdict, the losing party has a chance to appeal. If they do, the appeal goes to a higher court, which reviews the decision. 

Appellate law often involves high stakes. Typically, it’s either your money or your reputation on the line. It’s also a niche, specialized practice area. 

That’s why you need an experienced appellate attorney, whether in Texas court or federal court. The appeal lawyers at Universal Law Group practice in appellate courts across Texas. Contact us today to see what we can do for your case.

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    Civil Appeals for Defendants & Plaintiffs

    As Houston appellate lawyers, we provide representation and counseling for all aspects of civil appeals. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in the case, we can support your case in the following ways. 

    • The Appeals Process: Our Texas civil appeal attorneys handle every aspect of the appeals process. We provide research, writing, appellate strategy, and oral arguments. 
    • Litigation Strategy: Successful appeals often start before the trial ends. When necessary, our trial attorneys prepare records and position cases in trial to win an appeal.
    • Mandamus & Interlocutory Matters: We work efficiently and effectively with attention to detail. When appropriate, we obtain relief from these matters as soon as possible.

    When You Need a Texas Appellate Lawyer

    You may need an appellate attorney in the following situations: 

    • You recently lost a civil case at trial. 
    • Your current attorney has no or limited experience with appellate law in Texas. 
    • You want to determine whether an appeal makes sense for your case. 
    • Your legal team needs an experienced civil appeal attorney to focus on the nuances of the process. 

    Texas appellate law requires specialized experience and knowledge. Our Houston appellate lawyers can help you understand your options and protect your best interests. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation and start the process. 

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    Civil Appeals Practice Areas

    In the State and Federal judicial system, the court of appeals has a limited role. These courts are not a place to redo the trial. Instead, the court’s role is to review the case and the decision. 

    The specifics of that review depend on the circumstances of the case and the errors alleged by the appellant. The Houston appellate lawyers at Universal Law Group handle a range of appeals, including the areas below. 

    Business Litigation

    In the midst of a dispute, your business requires skilled, insightful representation. Our trial attorneys have a wealth of experience in business litigation. From partnership disputes and insurance claims to contract issues, we protect the best interests of our clients. 

    Our trial team works with our civil appeals attorneys to prepare and execute an appellate strategy specific to your case.

    Estate Planning & Probate

    Estate and probate disputes can grow contentious. Further, appeals to these cases can be quite difficult. Our firm provides representation for probate proceedings as well as the unique rules that apply to probate appeals in Texas. 

    We can examine the Texas Estates Code and other applicable laws to protect your interests. 

    Other Civil Appeals

    Civil litigation covers a broad range of practice areas. As a full-service law firm, we provide representation that meets the needs of our clients. When you need an experienced civil appeals attorney on your side, contact Universal Law Group. Our Houston appellate lawyers can help you understand your options. 

    To protect your interests, call 832-767-0339 to schedule a consultation. 

    How Can an Appellate Lawyer Help Me?

    An appellate lawyer helps by researching the case and laws, developing a strategy, filing briefs, and providing oral arguments. Not every attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle civil appeals.

    Filing Briefs 

    An appellate brief is a comprehensive legal document. The brief lays out the arguments of your appeal and requires a great level of detail. Additionally, it describes the party’s position and how prior legal precedent supports that position. 

    The structure of a brief is critical because it has to follow applicable rules of appellate procedure while also persuading the judge. Our Houston appellate lawyers have extensive experience preparing briefs for the Texas Court of Civil Appeals as well as federal courts. 

    Oral Arguments

    Appellate courts often have a panel of judges. Typically, they ask the attorneys to conduct oral arguments. This process often involves the judges interrupting the attorney with questions. 

    A successful oral argument requires a great deal of knowledge regarding both case law and precedent. Moreover, it requires a level of composure and flexibility to change the strategy based on the questions. 

    The “Law Lawyers” 

    People often refer to appellate attorneys as “law lawyers” because it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. Our Houston appellate attorneys often have a limited amount of time to identify an error and argue persuasively. 

    Appellate court judges are not an easy audience. They are some of the most experienced jurists in the state and country. You need a civil appeals lawyer able to hone in on the strongest argument early in the process. 

    These attorneys act under pressure and time constraints to make strategic decisions. In some appeals, the case hangs in the balance during oral arguments. A single phrase can make or break the discussion when the panel discusses the case amongst themselves. 

    Skilled Texas Trial Attorneys

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    Universal Law Group represents the best interests of our clients at every stage of the civil process. When you need to take a case to appeal or protect your decision, our Houston appellate lawyers are ready to get you results. 

    • Skilled trial attorneys 
    • Over 28 years of collective experience
    • Niche, specialized legal knowledge
    • Proven results in complex cases 
    • Lead counsel and consultations for civil appeals

    Universal Law Group has earned its reputation for getting results that matter. Our firm carefully evaluates every appeal to determine merit. Then, we advise our clients so that they are able to make an informed decision about their case. 

    With voluminous legal knowledge, our civil appeals attorney can evaluate your case and protect your best interests. When we pursue an appeal, we guide you through the process and seek the best possible outcome of your case. If you won at trial and the other party appeals, we can defend the decision to have it affirmed in the court of appeals. 

    Contact Universal Law Group today to schedule a consultation for your case. 

      Civil Appeals FAQ

      Typically there are two parties in a civil appeal: the appellant and the appellee. 

      • Appellant: The party challenging the ruling of the lower court, hoping for a new outcome
      • Appellee: The party defending the decision of the lower court, hoping to maintain the decision

      Other parties can submit legal papers as a “friend of the court,” amicus curiae. This party supports either the appellant or the appellee. Regardless of the decision in the lower court, either party may file for an appeal. 

      If neither party gets everything they want at trial, they each have the opportunity to appeal different aspects of the lower court’s decision. Skilled Houston appellate lawyers can help you understand how to approach your case to serve your best interests.

      There are two ways for a case to reach the Court of Appeals: 

      • A party files an interlocutory appeal during a case when they disagree with a specific ruling of the lower court. 
      • A party appeals the final decision that ended the lawsuit between involved parties. 

      This second situation is far more common. At the end of a trial, the losing party may not agree with the result. The United States legal system allows them to appeal to a higher court. 

      However, this requires more of an argument than “the court was wrong.” It requires evidence that the lower court made one or multiple errors that warrant a review of the decision. 

      Appeals in these cases are not always straightforward. That’s why it is crucial to work with an experienced Houston civil appeals attorney.

      There are two standards of review in an appeal: clear error and de novo. The standard that applies depends on the details of the case.

      • Clear Error: The Court of Appeals does not review the facts found at trial, so they only review fact-finding if there is an obvious error. This is not an opportunity to retry the case. So, the appellate court typically defers to the factual findings of the lower court. 
      • De novo: The trial court receives less deference when the law is in question. The court of appeals uses the de novo – Latin for “from the beginning” – standard when it reviews legal conclusions. In this case, the appellate judge reviews every legal conclusion of the lower court from the start.

      Our Houston appellate lawyers can help you navigate the civil appeals process from start to finish.