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In Texas, assault and battery are grave crimes. Moreover, they come with hefty penalties, including massive fines and jail time.

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    Assault Attorney in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas

    In the state of Texas, assault is a criminal offense. Moreover, it is one that the prosecution takes quite seriously. However, how do you know when something counts as assault?

    Someone commits this crime when they recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally cause bodily injury to another individual. Additionally, these charges result from seemingly minor situations, such as a threat of physical harm. Often, these cases stem from a threat to a family member or spouse.

    A skilled Houston assault lawyer understands disagreements have the potential to escalate. When they become heated, it’s easy for people to act in ways they never thought possible. So, when these actions result in harm or aggression, they often result in legal action.

    Under state law, any threat of a violent attack can qualify as assault. This qualification is valid even when it doesn’t involve a dangerous weapon. In other words, you risk assault charges even when there’s no physical contact between you and the other party.

    However, these charges most often result from a “bodily injury.” A Houston assault lawyer at Universal Law Group can help you if you face assault charges in Houston, TX. 

    Other Situations that Qualify

    According to the criminal law in Texas, it’s possible to qualify as assault in a few other situations.

    • Knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another individual.
    • Intentionally or knowingly have or cause contact with someone in a way the person reasonably believes the contact to be offensive or provocative.

    So, what does this mean for you? In addition to facing assault charges for harming someone in a fight, it can result from something as minor as a poke to the chest. Moreover, you might tell someone you plan to harm them somehow or “beat them up.”

    If the other person has a reasonable fear that you intend to do so and have the ability, you might face assault charges. Houston assault lawyers advocate for your rights and best interests when this happens. 

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    Violent Crimes in Texas

    In Texas, a violent crime is an action that involves force or the threat of violence against another individual. As stated above, it may include a deadly weapon, intimidation, or unwanted physical contact. Any credible threat is sufficient to lead to charges in many cases.

    However, there are standard forms of assault we see prosecuted in Texas. Houston assault lawyers can help accused individuals navigate this process and understand their rights. 

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    Aggravated Assault

    Often, “assault” quickly becomes “aggravated assault” when the situation involves a deadly weapon. Additionally, you face much harsher penalties if convicted.



    In 1992, Congress passed an act known as the Federal Anti-Car Theft Act (FACTA). This act made it a federal crime to steal a car with a weapon. Moreover, it applies regardless of whether the weapon injures someone or is used to intimidate them.

    According to the State, “serious bodily injury” is a bodily injury that puts a person at substantial risk of death. Alternatively, it might cause permanent disfigurement, death, or loss or impairment of the function of the body or an organ. The courts determine what constitutes serious bodily injury on a case-by-case basis.

    This violent crime involves forcing a victim to go from one place to another against their will. Additionally, it consists in keeping the victim as your captive, whether to demand a ransom or for another nefarious reason.

    When someone steals from another person and causes them harm, they can face assault and robbery charges. In addition, if you display a weapon in the process, it elevates to aggravated robbery.

    Unfortunately, family violence is a common form of assault in Texas. A Houston assault lawyer can explain the difference. When the offender and victim share a family or a household, assault becomes domestic violence.

    This charge includes current and former spouses, adults related by blood, people who live together, and those engaged in an intimate or romantic relationship. Depending on the circumstances, these charges are either a misdemeanor or a felony.

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    Assault Penalties in Texas

    If someone makes offensive or violent contact with another person, they can face assault charges. For first-time offenders, the penalty might be a misdemeanor. However, even a misdemeanor assault charge carries hefty penalties.

    • First-offense misdemeanor: up to one year in jail as well as possible fines of up to $4,000

    When the assault includes choking or some other impediment to the victim’s breathing, it can result in a third-degree felony.

    • Third-degree felony: 2-10 years in jail and fines up to $10,000

    In cases where the offender causes bodily injury, it tends to result in a Class A Misdemeanor. This classification is because Texas defines “bodily injury” as “pain.” Therefore, any instance of pain from the victim is a potential probable cause.

    Certain other factors also elevate the charges to a third-degree felony.

    • The accused knows the victim is a government worker, public servant, or emergency responder and attacks them as they perform their duties.
    • They assault someone in retaliation for the performance of their official duties.

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