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Rideshare accidents can be devastating and confusing. When a rideshare driver’s negligence causes your injury, you have rights. Let our team fight for your future.

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Are you a Houstonian involved in a rideshare accident? With a lawyer, you’ve got a guide to help you through. Rideshare cases can feel like a maze. This is because they often involve complex insurance policies. Figuring out who’s to blame isn’t easy.

That’s where our legal team comes in. We’re here to dive deep and investigate your case. We’ve got the skills and experience to sort through the complexities. Our goal? To help you understand what’s happening. We aim to bring clarity to a confusing situation.

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    Don’t Accept That Immediate Offer from Lyft or Uber!

    Too often, these companies approach injured Texans with a quick settlement offer. We understand how tempting this is. As medical bills and repair costs pile up, quick cash is a tempting offer. However, these offers aren’t always in your best interest.

    Whether someone approaches you from Uber, Lyft, or an insurance company, it’s essential to have an advocate on your side. With a skilled lawyer, Houston drivers have someone to stand up for them.

    Don’t fall for their desperate attempt to sweep your collision under the rug. Call on the Uber accident lawyers at Universal Law Group. When we represent you, we carry the weight of your case.


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    Help After a Rideshare Accident in Houston

    Rideshare apps offer plenty of advantages to our communities. For certain areas, this includes a decrease in DWIs and drunk driving accidents. However, without any specialized training or licensing, they often put inexperienced drivers on the road.

    Moreover, it throws drivers into new areas and distracting situations. From monitoring fairs to tracking their routes, distracted driving leaves too much potential for severe auto accidents. Additionally, it leaves pedestrians and bystanders in danger in certain situations.

    Where you are a passenger during a rideshare accident or a driver collides with your vehicle, it’s important to have an advocate on your side. If you work with a Houston rideshare lawyer, you have an advocate on your side.

    At Universal Law Group, our legal team consists of experts who cover a broad range of practice areas. From civil litigation and personal injury to corporate law and family law, we offer expert knowledge to our clients.

    When you need to protect your rights and preserve your future, our team is ready to maximize your settlement. Call our team today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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    The Difference Between Rideshare Accidents and Auto Collisions

    When an accident involves a rideshare driver, it presents a few unique challenges. These accidents occupy a strange middle ground between car collisions and commercial vehicle accidents. Somehow, it falls into neither category even though it involves a company.

    Typically, drivers for Lyft or Uber utilize their personal vehicles. As the app manages their activity, they have some control over their schedules as well. Additionally, these companies require no commercial driver’s license or commercial insurance policy.

    However, the company provides some coverage whenever the driver is on the clock. Due to this, determining liability in rideshare accidents is no simple task.

    Still, no matter how the accident occurs, it’s important to report it to the company through the app. From there, start your search for a lawyer in Houston who specializes in rideshare accidents.

    Liability in Rideshare Accidents

    The two major rideshare companies are Lyft and Uber. These companies each have $1 million insurance policies that cover liability. However, there are limitations to how this coverage applies. Moreover, there are limits on who they cover.

    Oftentimes, liability depends on the circumstances of your personal injury claim. That’s why it is essential to engage a Houston rideshare accident attorney. Your lawyer helps you navigate these matters in order to determine potential coverage.

    Typically, there are two situations in which the company insurance policies apply.

    1. You sustain an injury from an accident as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle.
    2. A rideshare driver on the clock causes a collision that injures you.

    Generally speaking, these circumstances mean it’s likely that the company insurance policy applies to you. Unfortunately, rideshare companies are still companies. Every company’s core concern is profit.

    That’s why so many injured victims receive lowball settlement offers from rideshare companies and insurance providers. Often, they want to fight your claim and deny any liability. To protect your best interests, you need a car accident lawyer prepared to fight.

    As a full-service law firm in Houston, we have the expertise and resources necessary to handle your claim. After a rideshare accident, Houston drivers have an advocate to stand up to these companies.

    Additional Liability Matters

    The “on the clock” variable is an essential aspect of liability. When a rideshare driver causes an accident, they must be on duty for the company to be liable. However, “on duty” extends from the moment they accept a fare to the time they drop off their passenger.

    As such, this includes any period they are “en route” to pick up a passenger.

    However, when an off-duty driver causes an accident, it reverts to a typical motor vehicle collision. In this case, you seek compensation through their personal car insurance policy. Still, it’s essential to work with a personal injury firm.

    Whether you experience a car accident or a rideshare collision, your attorney investigates the accident. In order to pursue your claim, our team pursues every possible avenue. To maximize your settlement, schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.

    What Causes Rideshare Accidents?

    Uber and Lyft use a third-party company to run background checks on drivers. While this seems great, it’s rarely thorough enough to protect passengers. Rideshare drivers are as prone to risks and accidents as anyone else.

    As we mentioned earlier, these drivers receive no special training. Moreover, they often wind up in unfamiliar areas.

    Oftentimes, rideshare drivers work multiple jobs. Similar to long-haul truckers, working long hours leads to fatigued driving. On the road, fatigue impacts reaction time and awareness. Research shows the impact is similar to drunk driving.

    Additionally, rideshare apps are rooted in smartphones. Because drivers rely on their phones, the devices are a constant distraction. From maps and directions to tracking fares and arranging the next fare, they are glued to phones.

    This close tie to the app fosters an environment with far too much potential for distracted driving.

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    Rideshare Accidents in Houston

    Advocates in Your Time of Need

    After rideshare accidents, Houston has an expert litigator on their side. When you work with our team, we strive to ensure you attain the compensation you deserve. Any auto accident has the potential to change your life.

    When you understand your rights and legal options, you work to protect your future. When you schedule a consultation with our Houston rideshare lawyer, we hear the details of your claim. From there, we answer your questions and offer guidance.

    If a negligent driver causes you harm, trust the personal injury attorneys at Universal Law Group to fight for you. We work on a contingency fee basis so that you never worry about the cost of representation. Schedule a free case evaluation with our team to learn more about your rights.