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    Our Houston Dog Bite Lawyers Are Your Advocates

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    Dog Bite Attorneys Houston Relies On

    When man’s best friend turns on you, you have rights. As with personal injury cases, you have the right to pursue compensation and hold the liable accountable. At Universal Law Group, our dog bite attorneys in Houston, TX, are your advocates in your time of recovery.

    In severe cases, dog bite injuries require costly and extensive treatment. In a single year, 27,000 people across the United States underwent reconstructive surgery after a dog bite. These surgeries leave scars that last long after your treatment.

    Often, severe cases result in lasting disfigurement. This is especially true when the victim is a child. No one should have to carry this life-long trauma without the compensation they need to move forward in life.

    Our Houston dog bite lawyers are here to help. Let us carry the weight of your case as you focus on healing.

    Houston Dog Bite Lawyers in a “One Bite” State

    Typically, states have dog bite laws that hold dog owners accountable. However, Texas is a “one bite” state. This means that the owner is liable when they know the dog is a risk for violence. For instance, when the dog bit someone in the past, the owner is liable for their future actions.

    When an owner doesn’t pursue training to control this propensity for violence, they act negligently and put others at risk. Today, those who sustain an injury from a dog must prove the following.

    • The dog owner knew that the pet had bitten someone before or acted aggressively toward others.
    • The owner was negligent. For instance, they failed to control the dog so as to prevent bites from occurring.
    • The victim was not trespassing when the dog bite occurred.

    Whether a dog bites you, knocks you down, or mauls you, we strive to establish negligence to pursue the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with our Houston dog bite lawyers to see how our team can help you recover.

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    Experience with Dog Bite Claims

    At our law firm, we understand that most dog bites occur around a friend or family member’s property. Oftentimes, this causes a great deal of stress for injured individuals. Holding a friend or family member accountable for your expenses after an attack is an overwhelming feeling.

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    Experience You Can Trust

    Trust that our Houston dog bite lawyers understand this situation. At your free case evaluation, we strive to ease your concerns. When you understand your legal options, you see the real impact this has.

    Typically, when you hold a friend or relative liable, you pursue the animal owner’s insurance company directly. Generally, this covers the cost of any medical expenses or lost wages without causing financial strain on a loved one.

    Insurance and Accountability

    When you take on an insurance company, you avoid paying your expenses out of pocket. More importantly, you avoid damage to your personal relationships. Dog bite cases are tricky.

    Let the personal injury lawyers at Universal Law Group help you navigate the process.

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      Compensation and Dog Bite Claims: Advice from Houston Dog Bite Lawyers

      Whether a dog attacks you or corners you causing emotional distress, you have legal options. Texas law ensures you have the right to receive compensation. Often, dog bites result from the negligence of their owners.

      This is true even when they do not intend to harm you. As a result, state law dictates you have a right to pursue compensation for the following.

      Types of Damages

      • Medical expenses for any treatment
      • Pain and suffering for emotional scars
      • Cosmetic surgery to repair or mitigate disfigurement

      Additional damages are available depending on the circumstances of your case. Additionally, the laws that protect you also protect your pets. When a dangerous dog injures or kills your animals, you have the right to hold that owner accountable.

      Houston Dog Bite Lawyers FAQ

      In Texas, the law follows a rule called comparative fault. This rule allows the court to consider the level of responsibility each party bears. For instance, when a judge assigns 20% fault o you for the dog bite, they reduce your compensation by 20%.

      However, even when you bear some fault, you attain a settlement. So long as you are less than 51% at fault, the court awards victims compensation. An example of shared responsibility is when the injured person teases or incites a dog.

      As Houston dog bite lawyers, we know how severe a vicious dog can be. Attacks have the potential to cause severe injuries and even lead to serious infections. Left untreated, these become life-threatening.

      Without medical attention, it’s hard to understand the extent of your injuries. This is especially true when negligent owners don’t maintain the dog’s vaccinations.

      Our Houston dog bite attorneys highly recommend that anyone bitten by a dog seek immediate medical treatment. Place your health above the costs of care.

      Additionally, medical treatment provides a record of your injuries, which helps connect them to the attack. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

      Animal attacks happen for a variety of reasons, whether they involve dogs, horses, or wild animals people keep as pets. However, there are some common threads in attacks, especially dog attacks. 

      • The owner fails to secure the animal (no fence, leash, dog chain, etc.). 
      • Animals sometimes have training that increases their aggression. 
      • An animal’s instincts take over when it feels backed into a corner or threatened. 
      • The owner instructs the animal to attack you. 

      Animal attacks are vicious. Even dogs are wild animals, and some of the most dangerous breeds have generational breeding based on a violent purpose. Moreover, many dogs are large and powerful enough to knock a grown human over. 

      Unfortunately, many attacks also require emergency medical care, surgery, and other procedures. No matter the circumstances, our Houston dog bit lawyer is ready to help you protect your rights. 

      A dog bite case probably sounds pretty straightforward. You’re minding your own business when an animal attacks you or a family member, causing an injury. Unfortunately, the reality is that these personal injury cases are rarely simple. 

      Here are a few reasons why: 

      • The owner denies any wrongdoing. 
      • They claim you provoked the attack. 
      • Animal owner accuses you of trespassing. 
      • They deny ownership of the animal. 
      • The owner is a personal friend. 

      At Universal Law Group, we understand the sensitive, complex nature of animal attack cases. Whether you know the owner or not, our Houston dog bite lawyers want to help you. Our goal is to make the insurance claim process as simple as possible for you. 

      That’s why we deal directly with insurance adjusters instead of having you deal with the owner. In doing so, we help you recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other relevant expenses. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf and take the case to court.

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      Houston Dog Bite Attorneys

      Advocates in Your Time of Need

      When a negligent party causes harm to you or a loved one, you have rights. At Universal Law Group, our Houston dog bite lawyers bear the weight of your case so that you have time to heal. We want your recovery to be hassle-free. That’s why we fight as your advocates. While you heal, you gain the peace of mind knowing that we investigate your case to pursue your best interests.

      Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team. Let us show you why we are the dog attack attorneys Houstonians rely on.