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DUI Accident: What to Do After a Crash with Someone Under the Influence

A DUI car accident is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, there are many people who never think twice about getting behind the wheel and driving under the influence (DUI). Oftentimes, people associate these auto accidents with alcohol or the more illicit drugs.

However, there are some prescription drugs that have more of an impact than people realize. Disorientation and confusion are a hazard on the road. Moreover, lightheadedness quickly leads to someone losing track of what’s going on. 

Next thing you know, you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle collision because someone else decided to drive under the influence of prescription drugs. So, what do you do now? What are your rights as a victim of a DUI car accident?

Causes of DUI Accidents

Too often, people assume that prescription medicines are safe enough when they need to get on the road. After all, a doctor prescribed them. Furthermore, they’ve taken their prescriptions plenty of times before. 

What could really go wrong? 

Unfortunately, some drugs aren’t as safe as people anticipate. Additionally, prescription drugs often come with side effects that can interfere with a driver’s ability to navigate the roads of Houston safely. 

Here are some of the main side effects that lead to DUI car accidents. 

Visual Issues

Oftentimes, prescription medications cause visual changes for people. These range from tunnel vision to blurriness. Either way, it’s far more difficult for people to see what’s happening on the road. 

When someone drives with blurred vision, it’s incredibly difficult to operate and navigate a vehicle. Even when they can concentrate, they don’t always pay enough attention to their blind spots. 

Reduced Ability to Focus

This is one side effect people rarely prepare for. A loss of focus can impact your ability to focus on school or work. Additionally, it is also far more dangerous when they get on the road. 

When we drive, we owe everyone around us a duty of care. As such, driving requires our careful, dutiful attention. If someone loses focus, it is too easy for them to become distracted. 

Alternatively, they might start to daydream or let their mind wander. Distracted driving is far more dangerous than people realize, especially on freeways and in heavy traffic. 


Many people know that common medicines make them feel a bit drowsy. We all know what it’s like to take cold medicine, surely. Unfortunately, people don’t always take this into account when they need to drive somewhere. 

However, drowsy driving comes with unintended consequences. Drowsiness puts people at a higher risk of causing a DUI car accident from inattention. Some drivers even fall asleep behind the wheel and lose control of their vehicle. 

Fainting, Dizziness, or Vertigo

Feeling dizzy makes it difficult to focus on the road. There are many prescription and over-the-counter medicines that cause that dizzy or faint feeling. 

Oftentimes, sudden waves of dizziness wash over people in unpredictable intervals. This makes it incredibly unsafe for them to continue driving. 

Slower Reaction Times

In a bad DUI car accident, your reaction time may prove critical. When something happens on the road, a driver needs to be able to respond quickly. Whether it’s braking hard and fast or avoiding something in the road, you need to be fast and effective. 

Slowed reaction times make it harder to keep up with the basic aspects of driving. When you need to respond to something unexpected, it can be deadly. Some drivers know how to compensate for it, but others may not even notice the change. 

Either way, they still put others at risk. 

Liability in a DUI Accident

On a daily basis, people take prescription drugs and drive. Some of these medications have an increased risk of dangerous side effects. These include the following. 

  • Pain relievers 
  • Cold remedies
  • Strong allergy medications 
  • Antipsychotic drugs 
  • Anxiety medications
  • Sleeping medications
  • Products that contain codeine

Even diet pills and stimulants can lead to unforeseen side effects while people are on the road. If someone using prescription medicines causes a DUI car accident, you might not realize they were under the influence. 

However, if you partner with an attorney, their investigation might uncover more information. This makes it easier to establish liability in an accident. If you suspect you were the victim in a DUI collision, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Your attorney will ask several questions and investigate your claim to determine the root cause of an accident. 

Legal Representation in a DUI Accident

A DUI accident can have severe consequences. Using prescription medication has the potential to foster multiple challenges for a driver. If you experience a collision with a driver under the influence of prescription drugs, contact an attorney as soon as possible. 

Learn more about your rights and legal options. Start now to protect your future.