ways to avoid car accidents

5 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

With these 5 ways to avoid car accidents, you help to reduce everyone’s risk on the road. When we drive, we owe each other a duty of care. That is crucial for our communities because auto accidents have dangerous consequences. 

If someone causes a car accident that injures you or your loved one, remember that you have rights. Work with a Houston car accident lawyer to hold the negligent driver accountable. 

Here are 5 ways to avoid car accidents in Houston and beyond. 

Don’t Drink & Drive

One of the best ways to avoid car crashes is to stay in the right headspace. Everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving. However, it’s truly sobering how often people still get behind the wheel after a few drinks. 

Alcohol impairs your judgment on the road. Moreover, it slows down your reaction times, making it more difficult to stay aware of dangers ahead. 

According to the CDC, Texas drivers self-report that they drive after drinking at a rate higher than the national average. On top of that, they state that about one out of every 3 fatalities on the road involves a drunk driver. Again, that rate is even higher here in Texas. 

If you choose to have a drink, plan in advance. 

  • Designated driver
  • Cabs 
  • Rideshare services

Any of these are a much better choice than driving drunk (or even buzzed). 

Watch Where You Park

To many people, parking lots don’t seem too risky. Women likely have a very different view on this from men, but we specifically mean behind the wheel. 

Typically, people drive quite slowly in lots and parking structures. They watch for pedestrians and keep an eye out for empty spots. However, there’s always some danger lurking in these lots. 

Often, a lot of drivers put their focus on getting the best spot. They don’t always pay enough attention to their surroundings. Moreover, some drivers just put others at risk. 

One of the best ways to avoid car accidents is to keep your wits about you – even when others don’t. As you park, keep your head on a swivel and move slowly. 

The purpose of a parking lot creates an environment with a lot of movement that mixed vehicles and pedestrians. It’s on everyone to exercise caution. 

Lastly, watch out for children. As they move through spaces, they tend to do what they do best – dart around without any real attention to their surroundings. 

Keep Distractions Out of the Picture

Distracted driving is a major hazard for people on the road. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines this as driving with your attention on something aside from the most important task at hand: driving. 

Typically, these distractions fit into one of three categories. 

  • Cognitive – thought process
  • Manual – hands
  • Visual – eyes

Texting while driving is a top-tier distraction because it combines all three into a single activity. 

The state banned texting and driving in 2017. However, the law doesn’t directly address hands-free options – although it’s all illegal to use in a school zone. 

Additionally, all drivers under 18 and school bus drivers have to refrain from using phones at all while operating a vehicle. While many Texas cities have additional ordinances, Houston is not among them. 

Still, there are many ways to commit distracted driving. One of the best ways to avoid car accidents is to keep your focus on the road. 

Everyone on the road knows that an accident is possible. However, it’s not at the forefront of our minds. When someone else’s negligence causes your injury, work with a car accident attorney. 

At Universal Law Group, we are your advocates, and our main goal is to preserve your future and protect your rights.

Keep an Eye on Your Speed

As we wind our way through the city, the speed limit is there to keep the road safer. Those limits apply to everyone on the road. That means you. 

The top ways to avoid car accidents are all about your attention. However, this is a more conscious decision. You choose to shoot over the speed limit, sometimes at a speed that roads aren’t built for. 

That puts you and everyone around you in danger. 

The more your speed rises, the less time you have to react and brake. The NHTSA reports that speeding on the road killed over 9,500 in 2015 alone. 

Additionally, it’s important to understand that the posted limit really only applies to safe conditions. When road maintenance, bad lighting, and severe weather factor in, you have to adjust how you drive. Slower is safer. 

Follow the Rules of the Road

Protecting your rights and finding ways to avoid car accidents go hand in hand when you follow the rules of the road. Pay attention to posted road signs, buckle up, stay rested, and plan your route and schedule. 

If you make safety a priority, you are miles ahead of anyone looking for ways to avoid car accidents.

Were You in a Car Accident?

Knowing all the best ways to avoid car accidents doesn’t change how others drive. When a negligent person causes a car accident that injures you, you have rights. 

Speak with an experienced Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with our attorneys, reach out to our firm today. When you partner with our legal team, you pay nothing upfront.