Common C-Section Complications in Houston are often Due to Negligence

Common C Section Complications in Houston x

Common C-Section Complications in Houston are often Due to Negligence

Caesarean birth, also known as a C-section, is performed when pregnancy complications could endanger a mother or child. In this procedure, an incision is made in the woman’s abdomen and uterus so the child can be removed as an alternative to vaginal birth.

In general, a C-section is performed only under serious medical need. Although it eliminates some risks, it also comes with its own possibility of complications. Complications can be serious and, in worst-case scenarios, may persist for life.

Some complications include:

  • Organ damage caused by incorrect incision;
  • Complications through too much blood loss;
  • Adverse reactions to medication or anesthesia;
  • Difficulty with future births due to scarring.

Considering a C-Section Malpractice Lawsuit

Most C-section procedures are performed without incident. All medical procedures entail risk, especially if there are pregnancy complications. Even so, medical caregivers are responsible for doing everything possible to achieve the best outcome.

Complications are more likely if a C-section is performed when not medically needed. In the U.S., 32 percent of all births are performed by C-section. That’s higher than what’s been suggested as the likely rate of medically necessary C-sections: about 15 percent.

Recent research put Caesarean rates at Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston at 41 percent.

If an “unnecessary” C-section was performed on you, there is a higher likelihood you might have a strong medical malpractice case against the doctor. To prove C-section malpractice, the facts of C-section negligence must be established.

That is, it must be shown that caregivers were reckless or negligent in performing their duties.

Some common forms of medical negligence include:

  • Failing to properly handle and use medical equipment, such as sterilizing equipment;
  • Failing to perform the procedure according to commonly accepted standards of care;
  • Performing procedures in any kind of psychologically or physically compromised state;
  • Delaying or failing to perform procedures in an adequate timeframe, harming the patient.

If You are Harmed by C-Section, You may be Entitled to Compensation

Medical malpractice can lead to lasting health consequences for both the mother and baby.

Chronic pain, often accompanied by severe scarring, is one of the most common complications. Organ damage can have far-reaching health consequences, and severe mistakes may make it difficult or even impossible to carry future pregnancies to term.

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