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Baytown Explosion Lawsuits: Representation Available

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In the early hours of December 23, 2021, an ExxonMobil refinery complex in Baytown, Texas, caught fire. The resulting incident injured 4 workers on duty. Located along the Houston Ship Channel, residents in neighboring areas reported a loud “boom” around 1 in the morning. 

Soon after, the entire complex was engulfed in flames. 

As the investigation continues, the Baytown Fire Department reported that the area involved in the incident processed materials containing gasoline. This led to the explosion heard in the area.

The company website states that the refinery often handles upwards of 500,000 barrels of crude oil on a regular basis. Moreover, it employs roughly 7,000 individuals. 

Baytown Explosion Injures 4 Employees of ExxonMobil

Immediately after the explosion, four workers in the complex were taken to Memorial Hermann clinics for treatment. While one was taken by ambulance, three were taken by Life Flight.

Fortunately, each of these individuals is in stable condition. This news comes from Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales. Additionally, all other workers are accounted for. 

The county claims that the explosion and fire have had no noteworthy impact on the air quality of the area. However, ExxonMobile issued a statement to apologize for the disruption and inconvenience to the community. 

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