when to hire a family attorney

When to Hire a Family Attorney

If you want to know when to hire a family attorney, consider scheduling a free consultation with a local attorney. Oftentimes, firms specialize in different areas. At Universal Law Group, we are a full-service law firm. Our team is ready to help you make decisions that impact your family. 

When you want to hire a family lawyer, it’s essential to find a specialist with a broad range of experience. From negotiations and mediation to legal proceedings, you need someone to protect your best interests. 

Is It Time to Consider Representation? When to Hire a Family Attorney

Generally speaking, family law encompasses family issues. These range from marriage and divorce to child support and adoptions. While the laws vary across states, they protect the interests of families. 

Depending on how urgent your need is, you have the option to hire a lawyer at any time. However, there are specific situations in which an attorney is most beneficial. With a family attorney, you have someone familiar with the intricate and intimate details of family law. 

Often, these matters are extremely personal. As such, it is essential to find someone compassionate and empathetic to your situation. Additionally, you need someone aggressive enough to protect your interests. 

Below, we examine a few specific situations in which it is beneficial to hire a family lawyer. 

Family Matters

If you want to know when to hire a family attorney, you probably have a reason.

“Family issues” is a large umbrella, covering an array of issues. Oftentimes, these issues require the expertise of a lawyer in order to resolve matters fairly. Here are a few of the categories included under this umbrella. 


Divorce is one of the most common reasons people require a family attorney. When a disagreement leads to a separation, attorneys help to resolve issues that arise afterward. A divorce involves multiple difficult processes. From child custody and support to the division of property, it’s easy for the negotiations to be tense. 

To help the process flow smoothly, hire an experienced divorce attorney. With their experience on your side, you have an essential advocate throughout the process. 


When parents cannot provide the care children require, a family attorney helps to establish guardianship. With a guardian, the family has someone to help make decisions in matters that involve the child. 


Adoption is a beautiful thing. However, it is also a lengthy legal process with specific requirements. In terms of when to hire a family attorney, the adoption process is a great opportunity. With your guide, you have someone to help you follow the process to the letter. 

Domestic Violence / Domestic Abuse

When you experience mistreatment from your partner, an attorney helps you take precautions. With the right legal protection and guidance, you keep yourself and your children safe. 

Again, “family issues” encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters. If you feel that representation benefits your situation, schedule a free consultation with an attorney. 

Preparing Documents

As it concerns when to hire a family attorney, they provide a great deal of guidance in preparing important family documents. When family issues arise, these documents become essential as evidence. 

One major example is “Power of Attorney (POA).” This document gives another person the ability to act on your behalf. For example, power of attorney provides someone with permission to care for your children or a family business in the event you fall ill. 

With an attorney present, you have someone to establish a fair document. Moreover, you prevent abuse of the power. Your family lawyer helps to ensure that the person follows the rules laid out in the document. 

Moreover, an attorney offers you guidance on who to assign the power in what situations. 

Estate Plans & Wills

Estate plans and wills combine the prior issues. Family lawyers manage legal matters within families as well as critical documents. When it comes time to draft your will or estate plan, it’s a good idea to have an attorney present. Your attorney maintains a record of these documents and any changes you make. 

When you pass over property or assets to other family members, conflict tends to arise. If someone wants to contest a will, your attorney examines the documents. Moreover, they mediate and offer advice when these conflicts happen. 

Domestic Partnerships & Civil Unions

A domestic partnership is a legal relationship. These two people enjoy marriage rights outside of marriage. Simply put, a civil union is a relationship in which people share a common life but do not get married. 

Unfortunately, not every country recognizes these partnerships. When you want to form a union, it’s a good idea to consult with a family attorney. Oftentimes, people in these unions want to protect their rights in ways similar to a marriage. 

If your life follows this route, it’s smart to hire a lawyer to guide you through the process. 

Still Not Sure When to Hire a Family Attorney?

In addition to the above instances, there are many times when an attorney benefits a family issue. With the right representation, you have a mediator to help you resolve conflicts. Other examples range from non-consensual harm, property damage, and land disputes. 

If you aren’t sure when to hire a family attorney, schedule a free case evaluation. Learn more about your options from a compassionate, experienced family lawyer. At Universal Law Group, our attorneys represent individuals in an array of matters. 

When you need a solution, trust our problem solvers to help.