T-Bone Accidents

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T-Bone Accidents can be pretty bad. A car accident in Houston can happen in the blink of an eye and may have terrible consequences. If you suffer a Houston car accident, one of the most dangerous possibilities is the “T-bone car accident.” This and many other accident types are on the rise in the Houston area.

In 2016, Houston experienced more than 20,000 serious crash injuries and more than 700 traffic fatalities. All recorded categories of traffic accident and injury increased versus 2015. That includes a corresponding increase in the likelihood of the “Houston T-bone.”

What Qualifies as a T-Bone Accident?

A T-bone accident is one in which a car collides with the side of another vehicle, striking it from either the driver or passenger side. In either case, the occupants of the vehicle struck from the side are very likely to be killed. Neither conventional seat belts nor airbags are designed to mitigate risk from a T-bone collision, making it one of the most serious Houston auto accidents.

How to Determine Who’s at Fault

T-bone accident fault can be difficult to determine. No matter which driver in the accident is more seriously injured, either party could be at fault. Only a trained Houston car accident lawyer can organize an inquiry that will determine the facts and, if necessary, establish a defense. Careless or reckless driving on the part of another driver may exempt you from any related charges.

Why T-Bone Accidents Happen

These accidents are much more common at multi-way intersections where right-of-way may be unclear to some drivers. No matter the circumstances, however, factors common to other types of injury are often involved: Distracted driving, alcohol, inclement weather and even night driving can all make an accident more likely.

Common Injuries Involved in T-Bone Accidents

Car occupants whose side of the vehicle is struck by another vehicle are very likely to be killed. The driver and occupants of the other vehicle, by contrast, face the risk of being ejected from their seats – especially if they are not using seat belts or airbags. The risk to the vehicle occupant on the undamaged side of the vehicle is lessened, but not eliminated.

How to Document the Accident and Injury Claims

After any Houston accident, your best course of action is to speak to a car accident attorney right away. This won’t always be possible, however, so take steps to document your claim. See a doctor within three days to diagnose injuries, and determine the length and potential cost of care. Also, have your car inspected by a qualified auto mechanic to assess the damage.

Once an accident happens, don’t delay. Contact Universal Law Group to talk to the experts.