Rear End Accidents

Rear End Car Accident Houston, TX Nguyen and Chen

Rear end accidents are some of the most common in Houston and throughout the United States. If you experience a rear-end car accident, it is important to talk to a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Rear-end collision injuries are not always apparent right away, but can be serious.

What Qualifies as a Rear-End Collision?

The rear-end accident is one of the more severe types of Houston car accidents: A vehicle crashes into the one in front of it. The occupants of the front vehicle may endure minor injuries, but the driver of the rear car is often badly hurt. A rear-end car crash can happen in seconds, even under favorable driving conditions.

How to Determine Who’s at Fault

Texas is not a “no-fault” insurance state: It’s essential to determine who is responsible for an accident because that person can be held liable for the costs of car accident victims. A Houston car accident lawyer is a key ally in determining fault. This often requires an investigation of the scene, the vehicles, and circumstances. An attorney helps uncover the truth and defend you against insurer obstruction.

Why Rear-End Accidents Happen

Rear-end collisions can happen anytime someone “slams on the brakes” without sufficient time for the trailing driver to respond. However, that does not mean that the person in front is always responsible for the accident. Many rear-end incidents are caused when the trailing driver follows at an unsafe distance. In this case, even sound defensive driving can be a factor in car accidents. Rear-end accidents are commonplace on stretches of highways where traffic signals and exits are rare.

Common Injuries Involved in Rear-End Accidents

No matter if you are in the front or rear of a rear-end car collision, there is a substantial chance of injury. If your vehicle is struck from behind, you run the risk of whiplash, concussion and other complications. If you collide with the rear of another vehicle, you may suffer broken bones and other lasting injuries. Seat belts and airbags are essential for reducing complications.

How to Document the Accident & Injury Claims

If it is safe to do so, documenting an accident on the scene can be useful. You should photograph the entire location, including both vehicles and their surroundings. Using a smartphone or other mobile device is advisable, as these automatically tag photos with the time and date.

What are the odds of a car accident in Houston? Accidents and related fatalities rose significantly in Houston in 2016. It is more important than ever to be proactive after an accident. With an attorney’s help, you can protect your rights and seek money you may be entitled to.

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